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Six Keys to Supercharging the Front Office Operations at Your Property

The frontdesk is one of the single most important points of guest interaction in an establishment. It is one area that needs to be operational 24/7 and any lapse in front desk operations can disrupt the whole chain of command in an establishment.

Any guest entering or exiting the hotel property will spend some time at the front desk and it is here that you can make the best of the time given to you by creating rapport with the customers. Another way that guests rely on the front desk is when they need any information about the property or they need to check out.

These are just a few of the instances when guests interact with the staff at the front desk. Whether it is through a call or by interacting in person, the impressions made at the front desk play a critical role in converting guests to lifelong customers.

If you own a hotel property and you want to utilize all the strengths of your hotel front desk, then we have six key areas that you can focus on to supercharge the operations at the front desk in your hotel property.

Let’s take a look at these points and how these can help you to train your staff

Maintain A Well Organized Front Desk

Organization is critical in the way the front desk is handled and also in the way the staff manages the guests that call or visit the front desk in person. Department heads should ensure that the staff is well-organized and trained to handle all kinds of queries from guests.

Staff should also receive training in handling issues and situations that might arise in day to day operations. Whether the staff is using manual check-in for guests or self check-in hotel software they should have an in-depth understanding of making the stay a pleasant experience for guests.

Know Your Guests

Your guest will feel welcome and more inclined to choose your property if they are given a personalized treatment. This kind of treatment is only possible if your team understands guest requirements.

If the team has access to the prior stay history of guests along with their food preferences, visit purpose, and any special requests, they can facilitate a personalized experience for the guests. By using the best hotel management software, all this information is easy to access which helps the team to prepare a welcome stay for the guests.

Provide Continuous Training

Your desk staff is only as good as their training in guest interaction and property management. Regular training can help the staff in improving their skills and staying at par with the changing practices for interacting with guests.

As a property manager, you need to make sure that your staff receives a training manual that details the best practices for front desk staff. You can also hire trainers to teach your staff about the best hotel management software so that staff members can make use of the complete feature set of the software in their daily property management operations.

Allocate Resource for Maximum Efficiency

Assigning manpower to the most needed areas can make a world of difference for any kind of property. Gone are the days of hotel staff using paper based management tools to record and update allocation of duties and responsibilities. Modern hotel management software can do all the tasks related to resource allocation while enhancing the guest experience.

By using self check-in hotel software, the team can reduce the traffic at the front desk and use the manpower for other tasks in the hotel. Use of technology also gives the staff more time to interact with the guests and provide a personal experience for their stay.

Ensure Quickness of Services

One of the most important things when dealing with guests is respecting their time. The process of check-in and check-out should be quick and seamless. In effect, the guests should spend as little time as possible at the front desk as the efficiency of the front desk staff can add to the satisfaction of the guests.

Even if a guest shows up without a reservation, the staff at the front desk should be able to handle the requirements of the guest in record time. There are times when guests request for amenities or any information regarding nearby locations; the front desk staff should be able to quickly provide guests with what they seek. By using hotel management software, all these tasks can be accomplished with ease and speed.

Use Modern Software

Property management in today’s times needs high quality software solutions and modern products to deal with the demands of the fast moving industry. Property owners need to keep an eye on several operational areas of their property such as arrival and departure of guests, housekeeping duties, communication with guests, inventory management, and much more.

With modern software solutions that include the best hotel management software, property managers can keep an eye on the above mentioned as well as several other metrics that can help them to speed up their daily operations. The efficiency resulting from the use of cloud based hotel management software can take your property ahead of your competitors that are using excel or paper based management solutions.

By speeding up your daily hotel management tasks, you can assign tasks to your workforce for maximum efficiency and ensure complete satisfaction of the guests.


Simplifying hotel property operations, increasing staff efficiency is only possible with modern property management software. One such software is mycloud Hospitality, a cloud based hotel management software that can supercharge your hotel operations.

The software has been designed with due diligence while keeping in minds the unique needs of hotel managers and staff. The extensive feature set of this hotel software takes in account several use cases suggested by the hotel staff. The software also receives regular updates based on the feedback provided by the users. If you are interested in learning more, please visit or call +1-415-390-5039 to schedule an online demo.

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