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Persuasive Writing Tips and Techniques

Students often need to write academic papers on their courses. This may be difficult because writing demands extra skills apart from your subject. You may have the knowledge, but do not know how to present it. Academic papers should be persuasive to interest readers and the professor. Persuasive writing means that you combine arguments with your emotional point. If you have a discussion paper, this type of writing will support your thesis. So, it will look more credible.

Persuasive writing is applied in different types of assignments. You may use it in an essay, coursework, or research paper. With this type of writing, you can present your thoughts with a good structure to impress your readers. It makes the readers believe what you say. You can communicate with your readers and present your points. If it is difficult for you, there is an option to order a paper in a writing service.

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Tips to Make Your Paper Persuasive

Have you decided to create the work yourself? Then consider such important points to create the best persuasive paper.

  • Select your favorite topic

It is important to choose a topic interesting for you. When you have such a topic, you will easily find information and present it. There will be no difficulties in persuading your readers. If you understand the topic, you will not look for an argument for long. The topic should bring you emotions and the one you have an opinion on. Yet, to present it better, you still have to do research.

  • Aim at the readers

When you write a paper, you should understand the targeted audience. These are people who will read your work and for whom you are writing it. Different people perceive the same information differently. You should first understand who your aim is. Then you will learn what style of writing to use and how to structure your paper. You will see what examples are better for these people.

You will easily find arguments for the facts presented in your work. You should provide arguments depending on the understanding of your readers. The arguments should be persuasive enough for them. You need to make sure that the audience will understand the facts and arguments you provide.

Before writing, collect all the information about your audience preferences and needs. They will be more interested if you talk about what they need in life. Remember that apart from your readers, you are writing for your professor. So, you should exactly follow their instructions to get a high mark.

  • Get a good start

Your first statement and the paragraphs define if people will read the work further. So, it is important to start the work in a persuasive and vivid style. Think about your thesis. The thesis is one sentence that presents your opinion and the topic of your work. It should be convincing and clearly state your point. Then you can prove your argument with different means. For example, you can provide facts and numbers that present your arguments. You can also provide research from a famous scientist and refer to them.

When you prove your arguments, it is important to give examples. The examples can be from literature that you cite in the work. Apart from that, you may get the example from real life and talk about it. Describe the event and tell the readers why it is good proof. Describe the reasons and motifs of the people in the event. Talk about how it presents your point of view.

If you start with an impressive point, the readers will get interested. They will want to read further to learn more about the topic. This is a guarantee of success in persuading the readers. If they are interested in the topic, you will easily persuade them with your arguments. They will see the example and you will prove your point.

  • Make counterarguments

People who do not believe in your point have something on their minds. They have counter arguments they believe more. So, they will stick to them and do not believe you. To persuade them in your opinion, you should consider their points. You need to imagine what they can have to disagree with you.

Then, in your paper, present arguments that will refute their opinion. Provide impressive examples of your arguments to convince them better. Learn the ways to effectively oppose the other person’s arguments. This will let you discredit their doubts and convince them that your opinion is correct.

  • Be ready to help the readers

You should write in a style that the people will like. Your first aim should be to help the readers understand important scientific facts. The reader should feel that you want to understand them. You should try making arguments close to their experience and life. Each person has the emotions they like sharing with others.

You should create a connection between the information and the readers’ feelings. Because of this, they will remember it better. It will be easier to convince the people because they will accept the facts for themselves. This technique means that you touch people’s feelings. And at the same time, you give them logical arguments that prove your point.

  • Use literature figures

There are a lot of literature means to make your style more vivid. One of the best options is hyperbole. This means that you exaggerate the facts. Your readers will perceive it as a stylistic means. It will make your speech more convincing. Hyperboles are sometimes used to create a comic effect. Yet, a comic effect is not accepted in academic writing.

So, to create a good persuasive paper, you should consider the tips. It is important to learn about your audience and their opinions. Work on your speech skills and writing skills. This will let you present your thoughts more clearly.

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