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How Does Slack LMS Integration Ensure Better Training and On-boarding?

Every organization needs to provide proper communication tools and techniques for its employees. It is helpful for team members to share ideas and collaborate efficiently.

Popular chatting apps like Slack are packed with unique features that help users communicate in groups or teams. Integrating such a chat service with other enterprise solutions can enhance office communication significantly.

Read on to know how Slack LMS integration turns training and learning into a fun-filled and interactive experience for your employees.

Slack LMS Integration | ExpertusONE Learning Platform

What is Slack?

Slack is a popular chatting application service used by many organizations. The lightweight business communication platform, owned by Salesforce, helps users chat privately or join existing chat rooms.

Once users join a chat room, they can send invites to other users to join the group. The platform also allows easy sharing of software and services.

According to recent statistics, more than 6,00,000 global organizations are using digital communication tools.

What are the Benefits of Using Slack?

Slack can be beneficial for your organization in the following ways:

  • All information shared via Slack is stored in a single, centralized location. You can further segment the data by creating communication channels according to user preferences.
  • Company blog posts allow users to share and route ideas across a seamless network.
  • The chatting application can be easily combined with existing web services and data management systems, like Slack LMS integration, within an organization.
  • All information can be effortlessly accessed using advanced search filter options from a comprehensive source of information.
  • Dropbox integration and WordPress plugin features offer faster file-sharing options.
  • Slack is a multi-device application. Hence, it lets users stay connected on the go.
  • A private chatting facility helps users communicate securely.

How Does Slack LMS Integration Help in Employee Training and On-Boarding?

Here are a few ways in which organizations can benefit by integrating Slack with a learning management system.

Quick Communication

An LMS system simplifies the entire process of training, documenting, tracking, and evaluating employees in a company. Timely communication to your staff about their performance is essential to increase productivity.

Slack offers a dedicated communication process with private channel creation. Private channels are created for sharing documents and files related to a particular subject of discussion.

Unlike traditional emails, the chatting service is a quicker way to pass information to many users.

Efficient Onboarding Process

Managers in the company can easily upload and share multiple videos, documents, and learning modules. It may include information about the organization’s business procedures and standard compliances. It helps simplify the otherwise tedious onboarding process for new employees.

Share Product Updates

Slack LMS integration allows administrators to share software and product-related information to users in real-time. Managers can also share updates on new training modules and keep employees in the loop.

Essential training and sales strategies can be shared efficiently between individual team members.

Easy Virtual Meetings

LMS learning using video conferencing tools is beneficial for new employees. It helps them get comfortable and start networking with existing team members and their managers.

Slack acts as a productive and stimulating digital classroom environment. Virtual communication tools help recruits gather maximum information about company policies and work culture.

A Secured Communication Channel

Unlike emails and other traditional forms of business communication, Slack is a more secure way of talking for employees. E-mail phishing and or spam can result in a data breach.

Promotional advertisements from external sources can bombard your emails. When you use Slack connect, you can rest assured that your data remains safe and secure within the company. Hence, slack LMS integration helps administrators share confidential information and regulations with employees in a secured manner.

Slack offers increased transparency and workflow efficiency. Hence, a Slack LMS integration can help organizations conduct efficient employee training and learning programs.

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