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Execute, test and debug your apps with TestProject

Manual testing costs time, creates issues, and delays releases. This is problematic because failure in production of a live application can be catastrophic, and happens all the time because manual testing is prone to failure. Therefore, testing automation exists, and this magical thing can catch and fix bugs and faults much quicker and faster. In addition, automation is necessary for scaling. The more applications you have in your pipeline, the more stressful it becomes when it comes to testing. So, reducing the chances of errors for large-scale projects is necessary, and you can do this with test automation.

One of the best tools for automation testing I have come across is TestProject. TestProject is a cool & completely free E2E test automation tool which you can use to record and playback automated test steps and use add-ons to extend testing capabilities. If you prefer coding, you can use their open source SDK to develop automated test cases using pure Selenium APIs and make sure your app is working the way it should be, all in a faster, automatic and organized way.

Why manual testing costs more

Manual testing costs more, not due to initial investment but due to the need to scale and grow. In addition, identifying human errors and faults that sneak through your tests is much harder doing so manually. More errors can accrue in manual testing compared to automated testing, and it can cause increased costs from urgent patching, more manual efforts and errors resolving after you release an application for live production. If you are a solo developer, sure you might be able handle it, but for situations where you have to release lots of applications quickly, manual testing can become a time-consuming monster that only test automation can kill.

What is TestProject?

TestProject is a free end-to-end test automation platform to create, execute & analyze applications for Web, iOS Native, Android Native, Mobile ready web applications and API. It also runs on your OS of choice such as Linux, Windows, macOS or on a docker container. 100,000+ testers & developers are using TestProject to test and analyze their applications. Since it is free and easy to get started with, you can instantly start testing your apps and add TestProject to the list of tools for your workspace.

Why TestProject?

TestProject is an excellent tool which you can try for free. Yes, absolutely free of cost if you want to get started on testing your applications – you can do so within moments. They also have a nicely written detailed documentation that is designed to work with your agile team, and it is fully featured and community powered.

Selenium & Appium but easier and faster

TestProject is built on top of industry standard open-source tools like Selenium and Appium. However, it removes all the complexity and setup challenges for you so you can get started quicker and without going through hoops. Furthermore, it lets your team work together on testing applications. I love the “team first” approach TestProject has gone with and this helps to move fast with testing when you are in a team and want to share workspace with your team.

Selenium has been the industry standard for a long time, and it is now a W3C standard. So, you can understand how useful and powerful it is for testing. TestProject wraps around this industry standard tools using its agent so you don’t miss out on an extensive list of benefits.


Another one of the best things about TestProject is its capability of integrating with other solutions. It integrates well with your automated build pipelines such as CircleCI and Jenkins. Furthermore, it not only gives you all the tools you need for testing within the TestProject environment, but it also lets you integrate with other automation test services like Saucelabs. For example, you can execute your tests on virtual devices on Saucelabs or BrowserStack. Other integration features are also available, for example: Communication channels such as Slack and Email, Desktop virtual devices such as Genymotion, etc.

Addons – Puzzle pieces for your automation

Addons are like little puzzle pieces that attach to your existing project and give it extra boosts. TestProject has a market full of addons that contains ready to use coded automation actions. Addons can perform specific tasks and you can re-use them for your tests. TestProject makes it easy to get these addons from their library and you can search and grab whichever you like. Or you can also create and put in the library for re-use or for the community. There are over 1500 addons and they are all free to use.

Error handling

You can already use TestProject’s powerful test recorder and record / playback or share reports with your team. But it also has AI-Powered Self-Healing technology. This means that if an element locator changes or the element moves slightly, the TestProject’s AI will automatically handle the maintenance powered by the Smart Recorder. This drastically decreases time spending on debugging and also lowers the chance of false failures on test runs.

With TestProject, you don’t have to hard-code wait times and slow down tests. With built in Adaptive-wait technology, it automatically handles deviations in web application loading times. When you run automation tests on UI, things can get ‌complex. TestProject can also handle that, so it seamlessly supports iFrames, Pop-ups and Dynamic Elements.

Cloud and offline tests

TestProject also supports both hybrid cloud and completely offline modes. This implies that if you want complete control over your data, you can record, store, and run tests locally or on premise, but you can also record, store, and run tests in hybrid cloud solution. It’s as simple as pressing a button to select your preferred method. There are no stipulations. You get to choose which path is best for you and your business.


Rounding up

There are tons of things to talk about in TestProject, but these are the features that I like the best:

  • Selenium and Appium at heart – Lets you use web and industry standard tools without developing a setup for using it. TestProject lets you forget about setting things up for testing your projects.
  • Integrates with tons of other services and your CI pipeline. You can make everything automated.
  • Addons boost your testing, and they are completely free. Over 1500 addons with thousands of actions.
  • Hybrid cloud with offline test facility that gives you the choice on what to do with your test data.
  • Automation Assistant that analyzes each step and detects cases where an action didn’t reach its target goal and attempts to fix it automatically.
  • Adaptive Wait technology that lets you ensure that all environment conditions are sufficient for an automation action to succeed.
  • Self-Healing technology that automatically constructs alternative locator strategies for use when others fail.

And tons of other features. To top it off, TestProject is 100% free and you can get started easily with a few clicks. Sign up for your free account here.

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