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Apps vs Websites – Which is Better for Online Betting?

The craze of online betting has now long established itself in India. With the massive cricket fan-following in the country as well as the passion for online sports betting, it is hardly surprising that the online gambling industry has flourished the way it has in the past.

Additionally, with more than 130 million annual users in the sector, the industry is expected to grow even more, with an estimated revenue of $2.8 billion by 2022. These numbers clearly indicate the popularity and influence of the online gambling industry in India, a huge part of which has been the many betting apps and websites that have now become available to the public.

But when it comes to online gambling, which do the users prefer – apps or websites?

What is actually better and easier to use – Apps or Websites?

While online betting sites were the first to gain popularity amongst the Indian masses, allowing them to easily place bets online, while also giving them exclusive features like live streaming, it is now betting apps that are gaining the upper hand in terms of popularity amongst users.

This might be because of the largely app-based culture of online shopping as well as gaming, which encourages people to gravitate more towards the simplicity of an app. Having to open a web browser through a computer or even a mobile device and then finding the website in order to place a bet seems like too much of a hassle when you can simply tap open the app with a click of a button, ready to help you place a bet.

Other factors that may have contributed to the growing popularity of betting apps over websites could be the simpler user interface, the preference for mobile over computers, as well as the convenience of not having to log into the website again and again.

Betting apps are generally known for their better user interface, especially for users who prefer minimalism and simplicity over excessively bulked-up websites. Apps can often look cleaner, and usually have more intuitive navigation, allowing even online betting beginners to get a hand at using them quicker than websites.

Another convenience that the betting apps offer but the websites do not is that there is no need to log into a betting app over and over again. However, with a betting site, a user must log in every time they open the website on the web browser again. Plus, with features like biometric log in, betting apps even surpass the log in process on betting sites.

Last but not least, due to the easier access to smartphones in India, most of the Indian traffic on the internet seems to be mobile users. That’s because there’s still a large section of the Indian populace that still cannot either afford or have no use for computers, while smartphones have become a household staple. In a country largely dominated by smartphones and basic feature phones, the appeal of the betting app is difficult to beat.

But even if the Indian users prefer betting on the app instead of the websites, which one of the two is better when it comes to the actual betting experience?

Well, that largely depends on the kind of user you are. Casual gamers and punters find that betting on an app is quite simple and optimized. However, if you’re the kind of bettor that prefers betting live on four different gaming events at the same time and prefer using all the betting features at your disposal, you will find that it is much more convenient to switch to the website, preferably on a computer.

Some betting apps also seem to miss out on some additional betting features such as multi-live betting or virtual stats or even the online casino section, all of which will be present on the website instead.

So while most Indian users may still prefer the betting app, the serious punter might want to look into the website instead, just for a more immersive and sophisticated online betting experience.

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