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The Great Online PDF Editor Review – CocoDoc

Today, we will review a PDF editor known for its advanced editing and converting tools. In this review, you will find the real user experience of CocoDoc PDF editor along with its features, advantages, and disadvantages. After reading this review, you will find out whether the CocoDoc is worth your time or not.

Let us start with a brief introduction for those of you who don’t know about this tool. After that, we will cover an in-depth overview of using this application.

What is CocoDoc? How does it work?

CocoDoc’s solution is a simple PDF editor that comes with hundreds of editing tools for its users. The solution is quite popular because of its affordable tools and easy access. Anyone with basic knowledge of using online platforms can manage and edit a PDF with its advanced tools.

CocoDoc claims that a person who has never edited a PDF can easily do it using their solution. The main reason is that they provide all the tools separately and ask you to upload the file only. They take care of everything else, and you don’t need to do anything manually.

Other than this, CocoDoc comes with some powerful integrations that make it easier to convert your PDF directly from any platform.

Features of CocoDoc

The platform has worked on almost every tool to give you the benefit of an online PDF editor. Here are some of them:

PDF eSign

The eSign tool is most popular on this platform as it allows you to embed your signature on any document. The best thing is you can upload your signature or use the touch screen to avoid scanning any document.

Merge & Compress

The merge & compress tool is used when you want to merge multiple files into a single PDF. Similarly, the second part of this tool lets you reduce the size of your PDF by compressing it.

PDF Converters

The platform offers dozens of PDF converters that let you convert your PDF to any other file format (and vice versa). The tool is quite effective and takes only a few seconds to convert your file.  

Form Creator & Filler

The form creator helps you create a fillable PDF form using the customizable templates available on this website. It will also let you upload any form (PDF) on the platform to fill online.

Is CocoDoc Safe to Use?

In our reviews, we focus on the security measures taken by the platform to know if it is worth the time or not. After doing some research, we found out that CocoDoc works with an encrypted server that protects your data with private keys. Therefore, access to the user’s data is limited, and not even the employees can check your files.

Another interesting security measure is that they remove all the unsaved data from their servers every 24 hours. If you ever upload a file to edit, convert, or sign, it will be removed from the server after 24 hours if you choose not to save it.

Limitations of CocoDoc

After using this platform, we realized that it is a perfect solution for basic editing requirements. However, the platform is limited to PDF documents and is not helpful with other file formats. Therefore, the only use of this application for online file formats is converting a PDF to some other file format.

Additionally, the platform does not have some high-end editing tools. It is because CocoDoc was designed for quick editing of files. Overall, it is a perfect tool for beginners and may not be the best choice for professionals.

Final Verdict- Who Should Use CocoDoc?

CocoDoc is considered the most affordable alternative to premium applications like Adobe Acrobat Pro. Therefore, people looking for a reliable PDF editor with advanced features should go for this one. The most interesting thing about the platform is its user interface, making it easier for everyone to use it.

All the tools are available with a single-click option where someone can choose the feature and upload their file to get it done.

Professionals who require affordable PDF editors with basic editing skills must check this tool out. It is perfect for occasional use and does not require you to pay an expensive subscription fee.

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