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4 Reasons to Invest in an Apple Watch

Whether you are looking to buy your first smartwatch or replace your current one, it’s impossible not to at least consider the Apple Watch as an option. After all, they are everywhere, with some estimates stating that Apple devices accounted for 51% of all smartwatch sales in 2020. But if you are not sure if an Apple Watch is the best choice for you, here are some of the reasons why you should consider investing in one.

1. Wealth of features

All the mainstream smartwatch functions can be found in Apple’s wearable devices. The wearable device is capable of handling everything from fitness tracking to mobile payments, and some models even come with their own 4G cellular connection powered by an eSIM.

There are some niche features you won’t find on Apple Watches. They won’t track your blood oxygen levels — which some top-shelf fitness trackers can do — and older models don’t come with an always-on display. But for everything else, the Apple Watch has all the features an average smartwatch user could ever need, all delivered with the characteristic level of polish often found in Apple products. Visit Abunda to see more gadgets and apple watch financing.

2. Perfect for the iPhone

Apple Watches don’t work on Android phones right out of the box, so if that’s the system you use, you’ll probably be better served by a different smartwatch. However, WearOS watches — the Google smartwatch alternative — do work on iPhones. And as this Fitbit vs Apple review shows, other alternative watches can stand toe-to-toe with the Apple Watch out there.

What WearOS watches don’t get, however, is the benefit of being part of the Apple ecosystem. Apple is famously selective about which apps make their way into their devices, and they push much harder than other companies to integrate software and hardware with maximum efficiency. This means that a WearOS device with the same amount of processing power, ram, and battery capacity will not perform as well as an Apple Watch connected to the same iPhone.

This means that while as an iPhone user you are not forced to use an Apple Watch, using one will provide a smoother user experience overall.

3. Safety features

Apple Watches come packed with various safety features, with the biggest among them being fall detection. If you take a hard fall while wearing one of the latest smartwatches, the watch will detect it and give you the option to contact emergency services. If you stay motionless for about a minute after the fall, the watch will make the call automatically, and it will send your location to your emergency contact.

4. Apple perks

Perks found in other Apple products are also found in their watches. The biggest among them is the resale value. Just like used iPhones and used MacBooks, there is a huge market for used Apple Watches out there, and the devices hold their value much longer than smartwatches made by any other brand.

This means that while an Apple Watch may be more expensive than other options, that initial cost can be offset by the fact that you’ll probably get a great deal when trying to sell or trade-in that watch a few years from now.

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