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3 Reasons Franck Muller is a Notable Brand of Watch

Many ingenious designs and breakthroughs in the world of wristwatches could sometimes overshadow some other unique timepieces. As many more popular brands occupy the market and create hype for watch lovers, the name Franck Muller seems to be a watch that is forgotten by many and thrown out by competitors. But it only takes a recollection of this brand’s history and the innovations it has made through its founder Franck Muller, and its achievements will resurface. 

If you are interested in how the brand started and what it possibly can offer underneath its name Master of Complication, then below is a brief history and few exhibits of Franck Muller’s fine watchmaking craft that has put his timepiece on the map of watchmaking. 

1. A Young History

Muller was born in 1958 in Switzerland, and at 15, he already moved out of his town to study his craft at Geneva School of Watchmaking. 

Going through the rigors of fine Swiss-watch making education and learning from some of the best minds in Europe, he honed his abilities into his unique craft. Not long after he graduated he began working under Patek Philippe as an official handler, and with the skills he learned from schooling as well as his real work with watch complications, he began designing his own Tourbillon movement. 

It was during the 1980s that he designed a tourbillon movement that was comparable to that of other swiss Maisons. 

In 1991 he would be challenged by Vartan Sirmakes, a case designer known for his work on many renowned Swiss watch brands, to produce a small volume of his work. Muller eventually teamed up with him and thus the Franck Muller brand blossomed into the watch brand it is known for today, and one of the brand’s hallmarks is the curved cased design. With his work in case design, Sirmakes was awarded a Geneva Chamber of Commerce. One of his notable designs is the Franck Muller Vanguard, which is a sporty line of watches, with the signature curved case. Not to be outdone, Franck’s work is also so fine-tuned that it often wears the prestigious Geneva mark. 

Presently one of Muller’s latest releases is a Vanguard watch that can be loaded with virtual bitcoin currency and entails one of their best in-house movements. These are some of the brand’s efforts to show the mastery of their craft, with today’s advancement in mind, and aims to achieve groundbreaking innovations. 

Franck Muller, being true to its name as the master of complications, continues to release unique timepieces each year. This leads us to the next subject which is the title of Master of Complications. 

2. High Horology

Many of Franck Muller’s watches boast of a mechanism that is designed by Franck Muller himself. A trademark of Muller is how he enjoys creating complicated mechanisms, one of which is the Crazy Hours watch. 

The Crazy Hours is a different approach to traditional timekeeping, and most people miss the point of how it works. In the face of the watch dial, it would appear as if the numbers are arranged in a random order, but they are placed in an order for the watch to function as a jump hour watch. But instead of jumping one hour as the usual watch would do, the Crazy Hours jumps 4 hours. With this design, Franck Muller shows his expertise in horology and shows how he can intuitively play with the functions of a watch.

Another design that shows his skill is the Revolution 3 which he achieved after years of development. The watch is the very first tri-axial tourbillon in the world. Another masterpiece from Muller is the Perpetual Calendar, this watch perfectly combines ancestral tradition and watchmaking technique and can display the day, the date, the month, the leap years, and the moon phase until the year 2100. You only need to look at this brand’s collection to see that their timepieces are revolutionary. With outstanding innovations and breakthroughs like these, Master of Complications is surely a fitting name to both Franck Muller, the man, and the brand. 

3. Franck Muller and His Fun watches

Many of Franck Muller’s watches are worn by various celebrities and athletes among them are Demi Moore, the late Robins Williams, Elton John, and Cristiano Ronaldo to name a few. Even during the early 1999 Franck Muller watches have been the choice of watch for many hip-hop artists. This was a time before the other watch giants like Rolex and Patek Philippe made their way into the influencing power of hip-hop celebrities. With Franck Muller watches people had fun with their timepieces and saw them synonymous with a luxurious life. When most watches were creating traditional timepieces Franck Muller knew how to put diamonds, Avante Garde style, and interesting mechanisms in a wristwatch. Making it a watch that seems to be exclusively made for a class of society with higher regard for style and taste. 

Where Do You Find A Franck Muller Watch?

Even with Franck Muller being overshadowed by more well-marketed brands, it still holds its place in the watch industry. If having an interesting watch is your cup of tea, then you will be glad to find that you can purchase Franck Muller Watches at Watch Shopping. If you’re also interested in what other timepieces, this brand offers then this website is the right place to shop for your Avante-garde wristwatch. This website is a certified dealer that scouts different luxury brands in the market and looks for both quality and lowest cost to offer to watch lovers. With the assistance of their customer support, you will find that purchasing timepieces with them is hassle-free and convenient, from your inquiry to the time your purchase is at your doorstep. Each watch undergoes careful inspection of their in-house watch experts and includes the manufacturer’s original warranty card before shipping them to you. With Watch Shopping each watch you purchase is a genuine timepiece.

In Conclusion

The seemingly endless list of great watches can sometimes let you overlook the many truly amazing watch brands out there. The same is true in watchmakers, one of which is Franck Muller. With the goal to create a unique timekeeping experience this brand however will always be around to stir the watch industry.

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