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Learning to Code For Kids with micro:bit

Learning to code has become a popular topic in recent years as the demand for people with these skills has only increased. But why is coding important to kids? Let’s face it, coding is in the DNA of the digital world and it’s not hard to find that everything around us including phone apps, websites, and even some of your home appliances rely on coding to work. 

With that in mind, it’s easy to see why programmers and people in similar fields are high in demand. If you’re wanting your little one to get into coding, there are a number of ways you can introduce it to them, even from an early age.

What are the Advantages of Teaching Kids How to Code?

There are a number of advantages to teaching children how to code. Developing their coding literacy will affect them more than you think. It’s likely they’ll become better thinkers and will think logically when it comes to finding the perfect solution to a problem. 

You’ll also find that once kids know how to program and code, a whole world of possibilities can open for them. They’ll be able to create their own game or app instead of simply using one they’ve bought from the shop. 

What is a micro:bit?

The micro:bit is a pocket-sized (slightly smaller than a credit card) microcontroller that boasts a built-in speaker, microphone, onboard accelerometer, LEDs and much more. It’s been specially designed for those who want to learn programming but don’t have any experience. If you’re looking to get your little ones into coding, it should be your first choice.

Compared to the previous version, which was brought out in 2016, the newer model is now four times faster and boasts upgrades that make it possible to experiment with artificial intelligence!

Where Can You Practise Using it?

Because of its size and capabilities, you’re not limited to where you can practise using it either. Although coding and programming is often not covered in school curriculum, you’re able to use it in both classroom and home settings. 

If you’re practicing using your micro:bit at home, you’ll likely need a few add-ons to help you create and build whatever project you’re working on, but these can easily be picked up from a number of online retailers. 

How Can the micro:bit Help Children Learn to Code?

The purpose of the micro:bit is to help children of all ages unlock their creative potential. Learning coding and programming can not only enhance their life but their future career prospects too. Getting hands-on experience and experimenting with the micro:bit will help children better understand how important technology is in their early development. This little piece of technology has also been designed to make coding and programming as fun, accessible, and affordable as possible.

If you’re looking to introduce your little one to the digital world from a completely different angle, why not pick up a micro:bit and kit today and let their imagination run free. 

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