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Software Development Trends in 2021

There’s no denying the fact that software technology had a huge impact during a pandemic and this created a demand across businesses and organizations to carry out operations effectively. Looking ahead, we can analyze some significant software development trends that have shaped the industry in 2020 and will continue to influence it in 2021.

For software developers, staying on top of new technology trends is a great way to get ahead with software development skills.

Here are the 7 most popular software development trends:

1. Demand for Blockchain Developers Continues to Grow

  • Blockchain has taken the software industry by storm and blockchain solutions are expected to grow up to 15.9 billion by 2023.
  • The demand for blockchain developers is currently at an all-time high, this, in turn, makes it a challenging task for recruiters to hunt for blockchain developers.
  • A study by Indeed shows that blockchain job postings have increased by 26%, while the searches for blockchain jobs has decreased by 53%. This itself will make you understand the need for expertise in the blockchain industry.
  • Salary trends in Blockchain: Blockchain developers are in huge demand due to a limited talent pool.

2. Cross-Platform Development

  • Over the years, cross-platform development has become the software development trend.
    The growth in demand for cross-platform development is directly proportional to rapid development and an increase in the number of suitable frameworks and tools
  • With cross-development applications, one can use a single code base and then use it for different operating systems.

Some of the benefits of cross-platform development are:

  • Reusability of codes
  • Easy customization
  • Advanced UI designs
  • Time-saving solution
  • Cost-effective
  • Wide range of app development options
  • Faster time to market

3. Artificial Intelligence Will Continue to Dominate

  • Artificial Intelligence has been a buzzword in 2020 and as we are approaching 2021 it’s a good time to look at AI trends. From retail to education, the future of software technology lies within algorithms, big data, and AI tools.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Hyper Automation: AI is the key component of hyper-automation which helps in adapting to circumstances and respond to unexpected situations. Whether it’s through deep learning, machine learning, organizations are depending on artificial intelligence to fundamentally transform their business.
  • Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity Applications: Artificial intelligence technology is increasingly finding its way into cybersecurity systems for both corporate systems and home security.
  • The Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and IoT: The Internet of Things has been a fast-growing area in recent years and it’s here to rise to 24.1 billion devices by 2030, generating 1.5 trillion revenue ( By Transforma Insights forecasting )

5. Software developers will help improve the remote work experience

  • With the onset of the pandemic, there was one thing we all noticed is that multiple industries adopted digital transformation overnight and looked for simpler ways to get things done. In 2020 Zoom and Slack saw enormous gains. This new realization helped many companies to switch to more agile, customizable, and purpose-built technologies that will keep employees engaged and productive in increasingly virtual workspaces.
  • Every year patterns in software development shift, but the pandemic had a huge shift which led to a demand for services that can assist and accommodate remote workers and hence increasing the need for software development to drive better results. As a result, new technology innovations will arise to solve the problems organizations face with a distributed workforce like productivity and collaboration and increase in the job opportunity ( See below)

6. 5G Will Unleash Mobile Developers

5G is predicted to transform the world! Despite the drawbacks and controversies, 5G has the potential to revolutionize and open the doors for mobile developers to work on more robust applications.

Salient Features of 5G:

Faster speed

Low latency

Increased connection density

Enhanced capacity

Increased bandwidth

Improved precision

How 5G Will Change the Mobile App Development in the future?

Superior Video Apps

Enhanced AR and VR-Based Apps

Applied 3D Technology

Greater IoT Implementation

More Accurate GPS-Enabled App

Faster and Larger File Transfers

Enhanced UX

Decreased Dependence on Hardware

Enhanced Battery Life

Better Integration

7. Cloud technology will be unparalleled

  • Businesses of all sizes are using cloud technology in one way or another. Did you know that could service industry made a revenue of $40 billion by taking the total revenue of up to $266.4 billion in 2020. This surely proves that cloud technology is unparalleled.
  • The reason behind the trend is simple: Industries from healthcare to government organizations all are turning to cloud providers for data storage which offers great security, scalability, and flexibility.

Wrapping it up…

It’s a known fact that software development tends to change at a rapid pace. However, implementing the latest trends in software development will help developers to produce high-quality work. Much of today’s industry depends upon the skill and expertise of developers who have the power to make things happen. Pandemic has shown the business to adopt modern methods and new software development trends as a way to survive.

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