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Proven Ways to Uplift Productivity While Working from Anywhere

Having flexible working hours and performing tasks from anywhere on the map might be a dream job for all of us. However, only a few of us realize that it might not be everything we believed it to be. It might be challenging to stay away from distractions in many cases or find a comfortable position to complete your tasks. While office space usually provides all the necessary equipment, your home won’t presumably offer the same luxury.

External distractions are the main threats to our productivity. After that comes procrastination and many other factors that we knowingly allow to be a part of our daily work routine. So, is there any way to enhance your productivity and fend off the distractions or other inconveniences that happen?

Yes, there are specific ways via which you can boost your work productivity. A study found that there was a 47% increase in work productivity when some work management methods were employed. Thus, while working from home can be a difficult art to master, it is not impossible. Learn how to stay up your game regardless of the location you choose or must perform your daily work activities.

The early inception

It may sound cliche, but the way you begin your day is key in ensuring that your day will be productive. If you make some activities a part of your early morning routine, you will get the perfect head-start for the day.

First off, get up early in the morning and make your bed. This little tip will already remove one task from your to-do list and motivate you to accomplish more. Additionally, working in a clean house will mean that there will be fewer distractions as opposed to being triggered by the dust on your table.

Drink water as it will help in boosting your body’s metabolism and brain activity. While many people frown upon coffee, it also could be a part of your morning ritual. Simply limit your intake, and do not start making a new cup just because you feel a little sleepy. There are many healthier options that can replace coffee throughout the day. Lastly, keep in mind that you start work as soon as possible in the morning. It is worth noticing that some of the top billionaires of the world wake up early. The sole reason is the high energy level and fewer distractions.

Build a dedicated space for working

When working from home, you must make your workstation away from distracting elements like TV, bed, games, etc. This is actually beneficial as when you go to the working area; your brain will tune itself just like it does in the office environment. It may seem a bit odd, but psychology plays a great role while you make any choice.

Creating an office desk space at your home will enhance your productivity. It would be best if you wear some formal clothes, not exactly like for the office but something other than your comfy pajamas. The latter might simply make you want to return to bed. Thus, dress to motivate yourself, but be comfortable. Even pajamas will work as long as it is not a distraction specifically for you.

Take breaks and reward yourself

Nothing can motivate you better than a reward for work well done. After finishing a big project, take the time to take a deep breath. Of course, you might be on a roll, determined to get as much done as possible. In such spurs of productivity, take advantage of your energy. While taking a break in such a case might be tempting, it could actually turn you more sluggish.

However, awarding yourself with some special treat at the end of the day is the best way to tune your mind to perform better. Create a list of tasks every day based on urgency, time, and importance. When you accomplish them at the end of the day, treat yourself well.

Apart from that, another great way to get work done more productively is by taking short breaks between tasks. You might already be doing that in the office, but at home, you might rarely get up from your workstation. As per the Pomodoro Technique, developed by Francesco Cirillo, you work for 25 minutes on a task with full focus and take a 5-minute break to drink water or roam around. It might help boost productivity.

Use productivity-boosting tools

Technology can help you enhance your productivity to a great extent. If you are working at home, you have to get yourself some of the best work management tools. You can use project managers to stay on top of everything you need to do. To-do lists are also great as you can easily cross-out the performed tasks, which is a satisfying experience. Time tracking is also an option as it gives you the chance to know how long each assignment took.

Using these tools, you can keep everything coordinated and noted. They will help your mind to focus on important things than tracking everything manually. Of course, if you notice that they become too distracting as well, stick to using the one that seems to work the best.

The power of the work environment

It is pretty obvious that at some point, your mind will get comfortable with any work environment. Such a familiar setting can also become irritating and cause you to lose interest in the work you are doing. But, to keep it up, you must change the environment once in a while.

You can try going to a library or a nearby coffee place just for the sake of mixing things up. Of course, working in unfamiliar settings can also be a rather dangerous situation. Let’s say you decide to visit a coffee shop, and, conveniently, it offers free Wi-Fi. You buy yourself a cup of coffee, connect to the free hotspot, and continue working on your tasks. The day passes, and you forget about it.

However, by connecting to an unknown Wi-Fi hotspot, you might have endangered your and corporate data. Most coffee shops have simple passwords or give them away to any customer. Many people connect to them, and tech-savvy users could be interested in what their fellow coffee-lovers are doing. The main reason for this is that public hotspots do not encrypt traffic traveling from your device. Therefore, it is best to avoid public Wi-Fi unless you use a VPN service. It steps in to encrypt traffic, meaning that suspicious entities won’t obtain information about your actions. It’s a win-win situation: you get to work from a coffee place and do not have to worry about some snooper stealing confidential information.

The right time

To make your work from home more productive, decide your peak hours. Some people work in the morning and some of them at night. It is entirely based on your preference. However, studies suggest that it is good to work in the morning for better productivity. Embed these tips in your daily regime and watch your productivity touch the Zenith.

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