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Eric Dalius on Common Mistakes that Business Startups Make

Starting any business is not easy at all times. There are ample things to consider and several decisions to make. This pressure may cause a new businessman is making a poor decision, which can hurt their prospects for success or set them back. There are some dangerous and common mistakes that most newbies make, which can negatively impact their business.

5 Common Mistakes that Business Startups Make, According to Eric Dalius

No Business Plan

Often, new businesses begin without any basic plan. This means if they fail to plan, they will essentially plan to fail. Thus, a business startup needs to create a business plan despite it being a single page, according to Eric Dalius. This should entail the cost of operation, why and who will buy their product, and how much they expect to sell.

Launching too Quickly

A big mistake that startups generally make is launching prior to being ready. After they have launched in public and begin getting clients, they should ensure that their processes and systems are in places like communications, contracts, payment process, and terms while maintaining their marketing strategy. In fact, the back-end process should be watertight prior to beginning taking on clients, and if not so, these are cracks that will show as well as appear unprofessional.

Undervaluing Services and Products

Lack of confidence, many times in a businessman’s fear and ability of failure causes them to underprice their services and products. This is a risky path to take as it will undermine that unique value business owners bring to the table, along with opening up the chance of frustration and resentment. Recovering from undervaluing their products is a lengthy road; thus, they need to thoroughly explore the market as they begin their business in identifying the finest price entry point, especially for what they are selling.


To begin a business will not need a huge investment, yet newbies feel they need to spend enough to purchase the finest everything from marketing assistance to software to equipment. Today there are equally viable choices accessible that are cost-effective if business owners are ready to conduct the research. To create and stick to business budgets for curbing overspending is an excellent idea.

Going it Alone

There are how many business startups that have succeeded with only one founder? Indeed, to establish a business is hard work, and often it takes more people than one in launching a business. Of course, there are lows and highs, and there are also some tasks which only a handful can undertake alone. Sometimes, crushing setbacks and blows make it challenging to continue on sans encouragement from another person. Then there lies the need for marketing the plan and building the service or product. Money should be raised for launching the startup. During some circumstances, it is daunting to tackle this all alone. A little assistance from professional colleagues and friends can help to launch the startup.

Potential startup owners should be extra attentive and avoid the mistakes mentioned above to stay at the forefront.

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