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Enjoying the Superbowl

I’ll be sincere with you about this: up until some years ago, I used to refer to it as the “Super Ball” and though it had something to do with the other famous American sport – the one players put on pajamas and leather gloves. I finally discovered its true meaning – together with the correct spelling as well as pronunciation. “So, it’s similar to the FA Cup final for that thing called football’, even though you can use hands?” I asked an American. I really can’t recall who, but trying to look back, I can see awesomely straight, white gnashing teeth. 

Whoever they were, am pretty sure they’d be glad to hear that I’ve changed my bad attitude. Maybe not wholly, but kind of. This time last year, I was amazed at how I enjoyed the proceedings. Having said that, I think of starting to watch my second consecutive Super Bowl. Here is the catch: I still don’t understand anything relating to American Football. I couldn’t even tell about the teams taking part or the place. 

My remaining memories of last year’s tournament are many short blasts of running up and down accompanied by action freezes. At times, these gaps allowed time for the premieres of detailed, expensive adverts. Giant producers spend millions organizing commercials and securing a highly coveted super bowl ad slot that’ll advertise their products and incredible creativity to hundreds of millions of Americans. 

At halftime, a concert was set up and people appeared super excited about it. This year, people look like they care more about whether or not Beyoncé will have a chance to lip-sync as she did during the inauguration ceremony than the eventual winner of the Super Bowl. I find this somehow reasonable. Ryan at ATS.io says there are many parts of the Super Bowl to place a bet on to make things a little more interesting. If major sporting events could have the game part relegated to the third or fourth crucial happening. 

However, by far, the most amazing thing about last year’s Super Bowl was the special traditional dinner offered by our hosts: huge chili bowls and a snack spread. Looking at men throwing a ball about feels better when your face muscles are busy working on 15 peanut M&Ms to make them something digestible. Beer was also available, making things better. 

Between the bites and slurps, I created some entertainment for myself by goading the warm Americans who had invited me over to their homes. “So, when do they take off their helmets?” I posed the question. And: “What’s the meaning of all these lines?” Then: “How come they must stop after running for a few yards?” Lastly: “Have you ever watched rugby? Watch one of its matches and am pretty sure you’ll go right off whatever this should be.” I believe this was super fun for them, as it was for me. 

This year, I am committed to try and learn the rules of football, early enough. To be honest, I fear my hosts may poke their fingers in my chili if I keep asking them why the big men have put on pads on their shoulders. If this self-learning process doesn’t quite work out for me, I’ll for sure try to whoop happily whenever the adverts are brought up. For precautionary purposes, I’ll ensure I dish out my food.

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