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An introduction to local SEO

In recent times, local SEO has become an important factor in digital marketing. If you want to stick with the growing crowd and avoid being obsolete, it is time to use search engine optimization and create a dominating position for your company in the online world. This article will teach you the basics of local SEO.

What is local SEO?

Your internet marketing company will use local SEO to better your company’s visibility in locality-based searches. For instance, if you own a grocery store in an area, it would make a more profitable business if the users from that locality happen to find your store during searches rather than someone in another continent.

Your search engine optimization company would include your company in searches with geo qualifiers like zip code, city, state, or others. In some cases, using geo-location, your business will be listed when the user searches with the phrase ‘near me’.


According to any digital marketing agency, It is an important element, especially when you have a brick-and-mortar business. This does not mean that online businesses do not need search engine optimization. To stay ahead of your competition, it is best to cover customers in your locality.

Forbes conducted a survey with a large group of SEO company brands, and the analysis found that more than 95% of business searches made via smartphone are local searches. Among those searches, 61% of the searches have called the business, and 59% have physically visited them.

According to a top company, 70% of mobile searches call the local businesses leading to a high probability of business success. The main reason for such quality leads is that these searches are specifically searching for your business or product in their locality, and thereby conversion rate is guaranteed.

Introduction of Local 3-pack

Any internet marketing company you hire would recommend putting your business name in the local 3-pack of Google. What is local 3-pack? When someone searches for a local business, Google will create a map with points of the businesses in snippet form. These would include the address of the businesses, phone number, and links to their business site. This indicates the top three spots, and thus, the demand for this spot is very high.

According to MOZ study, more than 44% of the searches click only businesses that are listed in the 3-pack. This is why your digital marketing agency would highly recommend you to put up your business in that listing. There will be a button ‘more local results’ right below the 3-pack, where the other local businesses will be listed. However, only 8% of searchers click on that link.

Here are some basic requirements for local SEO

  1. Your company cannot help you with local SEO if your business does not have a physical address.
  2. Your business name, address, and phone number should be the same in all listings. Do not worry about it. Your internet marketing company would take care of managing your listings.
  3. In some cases, the company might create citations from third-party websites to list your business as a reference.

Do you know that your SEO company can help you with local SEO even if you do not have a website? If you want to stand out from all your local competitors, it is time to talk to a reliable digital marketing company about local SEO.

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