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Why Penetration Testing Is The Go-To Protection Against Cyber Threats

Cyber attacks and other online crime is an unfortunate problem that millions of individuals and businesses need to deal with. Hacks and data breaches cost companies a ton of money, as well as their good reputation in some cases. By 2025, it is believed that cybercrime will cost the world more than $10 trillion dollars.

As more and more businesses do work online, many become more susceptible to these attacks. While being sure to learn more about Microsoft Office 365 backup can help your team get back on your feet after a problem, it is also a good idea to be proactive when it comes to these threats, and not only reactive.

One of the best ways to protect yourself ahead of time against these various cyber threats like hacks, leaks and data breaches is to utilize penetration testing. This is where you will simulate a cyber attack on your own systems to test the quality of system security. You can visit Emagined to get your penetration done professionally, while some companies may decide to handle it in-house.

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But what makes this type of testing the go-to for protecting against cyber-attacks? Well, that is exactly what this article is going to take a look at.

Detect Risks or Vulnerabilities That Could Have Been Missed

The first benefit of using penetration testing is that it can help you detect risks and vulnerabilities your company may never have known about. Without this testing, there could be gaping holes in your business’s security that could be easily exploited by hackers. It is much better to discover these yourself first, rather than learn about them after a real threat.

Both glaringly obvious and hidden weaknesses can be detected, to ensure your company is protected on all fronts. The way this type of testing works is that it first aims to find any vulnerabilities and weak points. Once it has found them, attempts will be made to exploit them in a similar way that a real hacker would. This type of testing can also help you prioritize vulnerabilities, to ensure the most severe can be dealt with first.

Allows You to Improve Your System Security Easily

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In addition to showing you weak points of your security, penetration testing also allows you to improve your security efforts as a whole. By identifying weaknesses and fixing them up, your overall system security will get a big boost.

Each vulnerability you find and fix will contribute to your overall security being that much stronger against future attacks. If you work with professionals, many will also be able to help you fix up any improper or problematic protocols or processes. All of this will ensure your security measures are more robust and capable than they were before the penetration testing was done.

Helps You Comply With Regulations

Penetration testing can also be incredibly valuable when it comes to compliance. Many companies in different industries may need to comply with specific standards around security, privacy and several others. Generally, these standards require you to frequently audit yourself and your systems to make sure you are in line with what is required.

If you are found not to be complying with the required standards, you could face a variety of different penalties or fines. Doing a penetration test now and again can help you make sure that you are adequately protecting the security of customer and company data.

In conclusion, we hope that this article has been able to help you learn some of the benefits of penetration testing and why it is the go-to protection against cyber attacks.

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