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Top Tips for New Homeowners

We all know house hunting can be an overwhelming experience, whether you’re purchasing your first home or looking to downsize. Within the hustle and bustle of contracts, keys and moving boxes, it can be difficult to juggle everything you want from your perfect family home. Keeping a few simple steps in mind both before and during your move will make sure everything goes perfectly to plan.

Make your location a priority

When you’re house hunting, it’s crucial to be realistic about the elements of your potential future home that you have the power to change. While you have more choice when it comes to making your interiors your own, location issues are much more difficult to change, and so should be seriously thought through before you make your final decision. Considering your location thoroughly could reveal loud traffic at rush hour, or a long walk to the nearest shops. Taking the time to explore your new area fully will help you pinpoint the nearest shops, public transport stops and green spaces, so you can fully embrace your neighborhood as soon as you pick up your keys.

Check your boiler out

Especially if you’re planning the big move while there’s still frost on the ground, one of the very best things you can do before you relocate is to make sure your new boiler’s up to scratch. If your boiler pressure is too low, or your radiators need bleeding, you’ll find that your home won’t feel anywhere near as warm as it should. Luckily, if it’s less than ten years old, the chances are that your new home’s boiler can be fixed quickly and easily. Ticking this simple step off your to-do list will mean your move goes as smoothly as possible, right from the outset.

Ask the right questions

The last occupants of your household are one of the very best resources you could wish for as a new homeowner. Asking the previous owners for as much in-depth information on your house, any built-in future, energy suppliers and broadband speed will drastically reduce the chances of unearthing any nasty surprises in the future.

As well as gathering information about your new home itself, you could also ask the previous occupants about their favorite places in the area; especially if you’re moving to a brand new neighborhood, having some idea of the top cafes, bars and parks in walking distance is a great way to help you feel right at home.

Try to look further than first impressions

One of the very best things about moving into a new home is the decorating you get to do! Planning each room exactly to your preferred taste is a fun hobby for a lot of people, and means you can enjoy your home all the more. However, especially when you’re viewing a property for the first time, it’s important to consider the bones of the house, as well as its aesthetic features.

Checking for damp spots on the walls, unexpected droughts and rubbish-filled cellars and attic spaces will help you save a huge amount of money on hefty repairs further down the line. Having this knowledge to hand from the get go could also help you get the price of your dream home down too.

Don’t forget the garden

Once you’ve had a thorough look around the inside of your home, it’s important to inspect the garden too. Even for the more green-fingered among us, an outside space that hasn’t been properly maintained over the years can be a huge task to take on. If you have pets or small children, consider how much time you have free to dedicate to tackling an overgrown garden, and whether you can manage upkeep to keep things under control.

Keep your essentials close to hand

When the keys are in your hands and it’s finally time for moving day, one last handy tip is to pack a bag with all your essentials for the first couple of nights in your new pad. Making sure you have a change of clothes, shower gel and your comfiest pyjamas to hand will help you feel at home straight away, no matter how hectic your day has been. Rather than searching through endless boxes, it’s also a good idea to keep cleaning products, teabags and snacks close by too, so your whole family feels as clean and comfortable as soon as possible.

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