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Published on January 14th, 2021 | by Sumit Bhowal


Instagram Stories: Learn Using Multi Capture Function

Social media apps have taken a leap into people’s lives. Starting from the morning rituals to the goodnight wishes, users often post a lot of moments from today. And, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for sharing such photos and videos with the world. The best part is that this particular app keeps bringing many updates and new features to keep users involved. However, amid all this, there are times when we aren’t sure where to look for even the basic options. For instance, sharing of multiple posts together.

Yes, this may even sound like a new gig to many of the users. Because users often don’t explore what all they can do with their Instagram account. And, miss out on many benefits that the platform has to offer. So, let us talk about this simple feature that lets users post at once with more than one photo or video.

If you haven’t done it before, let’s find the right cues to get things going.

Steps to Discover and Use Multi Capture Button

First of all, this is not rocket science. If you have a smartphone, you already have got the skills to make most from the Instagram features. So, let’s get started and find out how to create as well as share multiple posts in one go.

Login to Your Instagram Account

If you have been using Instagram consistently, your login details may be saved on your phone. For those, who forgot their password and are thinking of starting a new account must wait a little. You can actually retrieve your password through the tool. This tool does not require any downloading of apps. On the contrary, you can check your password by just entering your username.

And, if you never had an Instagram account before, you can anytime create one. Just enter a few details to get started.

Just remember, to use the multi capture button, the first thing you will need is an Instagram account. So, why not start today, if not already.

Find the Multi Capture Button

After you open your Instagram stories camera on your mobile phone, you will find the multi capture button resting at the left side of the screen. You can find it just below the layout button on the iOS Instagram app. This may or may not differ for the android users.

The multi capture icon is round in shape with a concentric dotted circle around the smaller one. It is easy to find it on the left side.

Take Photos

Now that you have selected the multi capture option, you can start taking your pictures. To get the first one, click on the capture button. This capture button rests in the bottom middle of the screen. And, if you are an Instagram user, you would certainly know what to look for when called for clicking the capture button.

The first click would get you the first picture for your Instagram story. But you can tap it a few more times to add more photos. However, there is a limit to it too. At most, you can add 8 photos to your Instagram stories at once. So, after you have taken the first click, you can make 7 more clicks for completing the allowed list of eight photos.

The Last Touch Up – Edit the Posts as You Please

What’s the fun when you cannot make edits to these clicks? A preview is always welcomed. So, Instagram lets you check your clicks and make the necessary edits, if you need any. To do that, click on the ‘Next’ button.

This will take you to the preview settings. Here, you can edit each photo separately by selecting it from the list of captures. Well, to find that list, simply look at the bottom left corner of the screen. You will find all the photos you just clicked. By tapping on each photo, you can choose the one you wish to edit.

It really feels content watching your photos get the last touch up before getting ready for share. After all, the world will be watching. So, why not make your clicks perfect?

Previews and edits help you patch up things that you forgot to consider during capturing the posts. Or, you can add texts and other filters for perfecting your posts.

Still Need to Wait a Little Bit

Do not forget to check your posts for the last time. Because after you click next, the pictures would go live. While you still have the choice to delete your stories and start afresh. Why not make things happen in the first go itself?

And, once you are confident that all the changes are intact and you won’t need any additional ones, go ahead and click ‘NEXT’.

You again have two choices here. You can share the post on your stories as well as you can even send the posts to your friends. If you do not want to make the post public, do not forget to check the sharing options.

Isn’t that all easy and fast? Yep, the Instagram features are surely designed for every user. So, either you are an expert or a beginner, Instagram can be a common place to make your stories happen for real.

The Conclusion

Instagram is not only popular among youngsters, but users from myriads of social culture and status, irrespective of age and gender, find this platform irresistible. Moreover, nothing beats the fact that digital presence has become an indispensable need for businesses too. Apart from websites, engaging on social media platforms are equally crucial. So, you can find a lot of companies putting their efforts and time to explore the digital side of advertising. For such businesses, Growthoid shows you how to get 1k Instagram followers in 5 minutes.

Instagram surely can help realize a lot of things, from personal to professional. And, if you feel that you have been avoiding using the multi capture feature from long, why not try it sooner. From products to personal clicks, you can share a lot of messages in just one go.

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