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Grab Attention with Text Effects

Headings and other text components are not less important than other visual content like photos. Unfortunately, even experienced users frequently pay not enough attention to the letter-style development of their projects. I can’t imagine my work without using 3D typography effects. Below, I have listed the most popular and functional styles.

Snow and Ice 3D Text

Winter holidays have just passed, but this text effect will help designers be prepared for the next winter season. At the same time, it will be suitable for advertising different drinks for the summer period as well. As you can see, the area of use depends entirely on your creativity and the tools available.

If you give your preference to a profound program like Art Text, over 18 amazing winter theme templates will be at your disposal. Each text effect is compatible with the majority of shapes and fonts, users will not face any difficulties when implementing the design into their projects.

Watercolor Typography

This type of lettering design is a great way to add more elegance and airiness to your project. This effect is frequently accompanied by a hand-written style of the text, so you will be able to create a cozy and light atmosphere amongst the target recipients. The mix of colors and shades can be applied not just for postcard typography. Why not choose these fonts for promoting food or services of the beauty industry? The decision is up to you.

Neon and Glow Text Effects

As for me, this option is the best thing to emphasize the peculiarities of the fashion world. Neon light text offers a feeling of underground and creates a corresponding atmosphere. Consumers aren’t limited in choosing colors. The main thing is not to be afraid of bright and even controversial ideas.

For the style, it is not typically to mix different tones within one word though. By incorporating and manipulating several lighting effects, consumers are welcome to put an accent on the necessary part of the layout. In such a way, you can predict how the target audience will react to this or that schema.

In addition to various neon material presets, environment textures, and other 3D effects, Art Text offers a great choice of light effects. These light objects will add a beautiful flash of light and flare to your designs.

Semi-transparent Text over Photo

Of course, displaying text over background images adds a unique balance and mood to your project. As for me, it is one of the coolest ways to make a functional blending of words and photos. Depending on the color scheme selected, it is possible to achieve the effect of mystery (mixes of green and grey tones for showing nature elements) or bright emotions like happiness and joy (combos of red and yellow notes, for instance).

Retro Style Typography

The history repeats itself, and the love for vintage and retro styles isn’t likely to ever end. If you would like to highlight the connection of your product/service with standards and principles of past years, then retro typography effects are the best discovery for you.

Retro text effects vary from 3D text to flat typography with worn-out textures, as well as ink press text effects. Art Text has everything you may need to create your own unique retro typography or use one of 37 ready-made templates for quick retro graphics.

Metal and Rust 3D Typography

I prefer this effect when I face a need to add more brutal emotions to the layout. One of the most obvious examples, whether this lettering is especially popular, is the game industry. A similar effect is chosen for the myth-busted logo. If you would like to show something outdated and not typical for modern times, such a design option is likely to satisfy your objectives without a hassle.

You don’t need any 3D modeling skills, since Art Text automatically creates a 3D typography from a regular font. Packed with over 200 supplied 3D materials will guarantee genuine 3D text appearance. Over 150 supplied 3D reflection masks aid for creating realistic rust and partially scratched surfaces.

Grunge Typography

It is pretty interconnected with the previous effect listed. Bright colors, old-school shapes, weird lines — that is what can promote your successful creation of the effect. With the help of templates provided by the manufacturer, it is a piece of cake for any enthusiast to succeed with this effect.

Nature and Floral Text Effects

On the one hand, this style will work for those customers, who would like to create an elegant image of nature in their works. On the other hand, the effect’s performance can cause the opposite effect. For example, you are welcome to use such a font to contrast the people’s attitude to environmental problems and the actual state of the planet ecosystem even harder and more vivid.

I can illustrate a lot more samples where the use of this technique will be super important. Despite the topic of your project, the one thing is for sure — the style will contribute to the beauty of flyers, brochures, invitation or greeting cards, etc.

Ink Print and Aged Text Effects

That is one more style that allows consumers to unite different periods. One of the first examples to present the technique is a common advertisement for barbershop services. In print and aged text fonts are a wonderful option for those who would like to add more power to brief logos and mottos.

With the help of text design software like Art Text, I can create this text style without much difficulty. When I need to make something unique yet not too complicated, this is one of the first techniques I will turn to.

Bokeh Style Text Effect

Simply put, this style is a special aesthetic representation of a soft out-of-focus background. It is a common thing in photographs when a fast lens is used. This blur style is about tenderness and lightness in styles. It will also help enthusiasts increase the depth of field and focus on the necessary elements of the layout.

Why not apply the effect to highlight your video intro? You can also prefer such a solution for your invitation cards for special occasions. If it is a theme party, you will be able to describe the dress code visually.

Smoke and Fog Typography

A lot may think this style isn’t popular nowadays. However, it is necessary to check the album cover of popular rock bands that were released recently. Then the understanding of how the text effect technique is used will definitely appear.

If the services or goods to present in your project are connected with the fire or tobacco industry, then the choice of the lettering type is more than just obvious.

Delicious Dessert Typography

Love for sweets and sugar should be transmitted not just by choosing beautiful and tasty images for your template. The same concerns the text style. Chocolate colors or something that looks similar to your favorite cookies will do an excellent job for your needs.

Plasticine Text Effect

This effect will work for showing children-oriented goods. Don’t take this style too seriously — match it with cartoon images and strange creatures. Only then it will work as expected.

Shine and Glitter Text Effects

If you are looking forward to making the text show off, then this effect will help you be up in arms. The areas of use depend on your imagination completely. And, Art Text with tons of 3D materials and the engine that automatically turns regular type into 3D text will deliver the text effect you need.

Wrap It Up

The more I work with different text effects, the more I realize how important it is to be able to create all these different text effects without switching between different solutions. In this perspective, the Art Text app has become a true lifesaver for me. With its help, I am capable of manipulating different text styles and designs, creating new typography graphics by combining text effects. By the way, Art Text offers free and paid text design templates, so the risks I will ever run out of inspiration are eliminated.

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