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Is the Cloud Hosting Best Option For Your Business?

Cloud hosting has been around for more than 2 decades and is rapidly getting popular among businesses. It brings forth the most desired features for businesses, such as consistency, flexibility, and better control. The beauty of cloud hosting that, unlike traditional hosting, it does not rely on a single server; instead, it is backed by a network of servers.

Back then, when cloud services was introduced, it was a complex subject, and you need to have technical expertise in order to get the best out of cloud hosting. Thanks to the companies now, individuals and businesses with small or no technical team can easily manage their online projects.

For large business organizations, the choice of web server solution for setting up an online venture is not as difficult as for small local businesses. A big organization has no deficiency of funds, so it can easily go for any expensive high-quality hosting, whether complex or simple to configure. However, for small businesses which find great opportunity to grow their business in the form of online venture, it is a crucial decision to select the right type of server without spending a lot.

Cloud hosting or the Infrastructure as a service provides a stable place to store your content and access it anytime from any web-connected devices. It is a more practical option for a small business than maintaining their own server and IT team.

Reasons Why Cloud Hosting is the Best Option for Businesses

Consistency and High Availability

In simple words, we can say now cloud hosting is an amalgam of shared and dedicated servers. Like shared hosting, it will give you the simplicity to operate while in the meantime, it holds the characteristics of a dedicated server, i.e., a complete isolated environment with an allocated amount of resources.

The reason that makes cloud hosting ensure the reliability of services that unlike other web hosting types (shared or dedicated servers), cloud hosting is not a single server dependent. Because you rely on a network of cloud servers instead of a single server, it will ensure service consistency and maximum availability. The best part, even a cheap cloud hosting provider ensures ultimate service availability with high uptime as well as load speed all around the

The high availability (uptime) is the foremost element to consider when setting up an online venture. If your website says down for most of the time, this means your customers are unable to make a purchase. While a web hosting solution like cloud infrastructure provides high availability. You will get dedicated server stability but in a way much lower prices.

Another reason that how cloud hosting making sure such a high-level availability is the allocation of resources. Just like a dedicated server, in cloud hosting, the company provides a virtually isolated environment. So no other site on the same server can interfere with your provided resources.

Saves Cost

Whether individuals or businesses, the cost is an important factor. An inexpensive cloud hosting provider allows you to cut down your costs significantly than building and managing your own datacenter. It may look pricey than shared hosting, but in fact, it provides excellent reliability for almost the same cost as a shared hosting server.

Usually, what the companies are doing in the case of shared hosting that you can only avail of the lowest prices if you choose their 3 or 4-years billing cycle. That means you have to pay a hefty amount at once. While if you choose a shared hosting plan for like 1-month or 1-year, you will see substantial price tags.

On the other hand, you can enjoy advanced cloud infrastructure without making any long term contacts. Cloud hosting providers mostly offers hourly and monthly billing cycles. Thus, if you compare monthly prices of shared and cloud servers, you will realize you can use cutting edge technologies at pretty affordable prices. In a nutshell, the businesses can maintain their stable online venture without investing a lot.

Easily and Instantly Scalable

Another reason why cloud hosting is the most suitable choice is the facility of easy and instant scalability. It is defined as the ability to increase or decrease the resources as per your changing needs and thus making it a more cost-effective solution.

When a huge amount of customers visit your website, your site may go down because of the shortage of resources like bandwidth. If you are using shared hosting, then the only option is to migrate to the higher plan, whether you need more CPU power or not.

On the other hand, Cloud hosting comes with features like automatic scalability. This means if you are getting out of bandwidth or RAM, the system will automatically scale up the specific resource for the time it is needed. You can also increase the resource limits manually, and the best thing usually you won’t require any permission. Additional resources can be added instantly.

So small businesses can save significantly save on the cost instead of buying higher hosting plans to overcome future downtimes. While with cloud hosting, local businesses can set up their online venture with a small amount of resources and gradually increase.

Better Control

Just like a heavy-duty dedicate server, cloud hosting provides you administrative access to your virtual server. What this means, it enables the business to use the OS and application of their choice and design its project as they want. For example, the server provides you the liberty to use MySQL or MSSQL. The users are allowed to install the operating system of their choice – Windows or Linux.

In simple words, you will be given to use the server as you want and install the application of your choice.

Easy and Smooth Application Installations

Cloud providers deliver an incredible adaptive system. Once you have set up your cloud server, you can connect your server with numerous apps for features such as communications, sharing of crucial data, and automate various business-related tasks.

With the simplicity of cloud services, the companies provide easy-to-use control panels, including a one-click application installer. Now it is super easy to install applications like Slack, ownCloud, PrestaShop, Jitsi, and many more to develop and support your business operations.

Improved Security

One of the most important aspects while setting up an online venture is security. When it comes to security, it includes both physical and virtual. Luckily small businesses don’t have to worry about maintaining secured facilities with guards, cameras, and power backups as the hosting company will take care of all.

On the other hand, due to the isolated environment, each account is protected by firewalls in a jail-like environment. Furthermore, with administrative access, most companies allow users to set custom firewall rules to make their server more secure.


Yes, cloud hosting was complex to configure and an expensive solution, but now the cloud providers offer enormously simplified and affordable services, making it the ideal solution for businesses that can’t afford to maintain their own data center or a dedicated server. It is reliable, flexible, and cost-effective compared to traditional servers.

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