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How do bumper cars work?

A bumper car is a small electric car made to drive in an enclosure, buffered by rubbers to make collisions safe. These electrically powered cars draw power from floor and ceiling, turned on and off remotely by an operator.

They named as dodging cars, bumping cars and dashing cars. The name “Dodgem” gave the first bumper car because these cars’ primitive joy was to avoid collisions. It is an unpredictable car movement both before and after the collision that provides fun and hilarity during the ride.

Physics of bumper car

Well, this fun electric car ride has its mechanism rooted deeply into the intricates of physics. The following are the theories responsible for working on this fascinating ride.

Newton’s laws of motion

The first law, inertia ensuring the continuation and stop of motion, explains this ride’s very movement. The impetus of electricity received through the floor or roof is there to start the ride’s motion and compels it to move as long as the electricity is provided. Once it’s stopped, the motion will also cease.

The second law of motion talks about acceleration, states that an object’s mass and force applied to it will influence how much the object moves. So, the bumper car’s speed and passenger group decide the impact and jolt it force on another vehicle during a collision.

The third law. The renowned of all, the action one car exerts on another during the collision, manifests newton’s third law of motion. The conservation of momentum is what we see in outside meninges of rubber to lessen collision. Two cars’ masses, weights of drivers, and velocities each is travelling can affect how each vehicle and driver reacts after a crash. The faster the car, the more impact it will cast upon another car, and the same goes for mass and weights inside a car.

How do dodgem circuits work?

Current flow in a circuit and bumper cars also work through electricity. So, the circuit is necessary for bumper car working too as you have noticed the bumper cars run on a metal surface. Bumper car has a metal pole on it with a wheel that touches the metal ceiling.

Through the electric motor, electricity flows from the ceiling, through the little wheel, down the wire in the pole, and completes the circuit through electric contacts under cars. Now, the circuit is complete, and the car will run by the flow of electricity in the circuit.

The chances of getting shocked are less as a person is not tall that may touch the floor on the ceiling at the same time.

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