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What is IIOT and How is It Revolutionizing the Industry?

You’ve heard of IoT, but do you know what IIoT is? If you work within the manufacturing and industrial sector, IIoT is something you’re going to want to get to grips with.

So, what is IIoT and how is it revolutionizing the industry? Below you’ll discover a brief guide to this crucial technology.

What is IIoT?

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) relates to connected industrial devices. There are billions of them, and the industry is forecasted to reach over $176 billion by 2022.

It includes things such as the machines in manufacturing plants and sensors inside aeroplane engines. The devices are connected wirelessly, and they gather and share data between them.

A number of industries are utilising IIoT such as retail, manufacturing and transport. It is also thought that in the future, the government and healthcare sector will also utilise IIoT devices and technology.

What benefits does it deliver?

There are a lot of benefits businesses can benefit from when they introduce IIoT into their daily operations. One of the biggest benefits is predictive maintenance.

Thanks to data provided by IIoT, companies can predict any defects in their machinery before they actually occur. This can reduce costs, as well as downtime, while also making the workplace safer. After detecting a potential issue, replacement parts can be purchased at a cheaper cost from Allied Electronics. This would cost a small fraction compared to if the business had to make emergency repairs.

The technology can also be used with asset tracking. Manufacturers and suppliers can use an asset management system to track the status, condition and location of products.

Of course, it can also help with customer satisfaction. The data gathered can give businesses a clearer understanding of what their customers want.

The difference between IoT and IIoT

So, what’s the difference between IoT and IIoT? Well, mostly it’s the way they are used. IoT mostly relates to smart home, car or electronic devices. IIoT on the other hand, relates to industrial devices.

So, IoT is mostly used by the consumer, whereas IIoT is used by businesses. You’ll also find that IIoT uses more precise sensors. Therefore, the costs tends to be higher than IoT devices.

Overall, IIoT is becoming extremely popular in the business sector. Largely benefitting those in the manufacturing and industrial industries, it is becoming one of the most popular technologies in recent times.

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