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What Are The Most Popular Card Games In Online Casinos

Often it doesn’t take much for a nice round of entertainment. The card games in particular prove this. Almost all card games and online casino card games have the fact that they are played in an extremely simple manner. A stack of playing cards, a few fellow players – that’s often all you need. It is precisely for this reason that the card games in the online casinos are extremely popular with the players. And at the same time widely used by providers. Below we will take a look at which casino card games can be played, whether there are bonus offers and what is still possible around the cards.

At a glance: all relevant information about card games

  • Card games are not only played for fun, but also for real cash prizes in online casinos.
  • The most popular card games in casinos include Blackjack, Three Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker or 17 and 4.
  • The largest selection of card games can be found in online casinos.
  • Beginners can often play card games for free in online casinos or take advantage of special bonus offers.
  • Numerous modified game versions of the classic card games provide even more variety.

Which casino card games are there?

Card games are a fundamental part of our society. Most kids already play with quartet cards when they are children, and the card games are also played with friends or in real play groups. That being said, there are tons of online card games that are mostly used for gambling. And that is exactly what we are particularly interested in. We show here which card games you can play in casino sites for free or for real money.


The blackjack card game is not just one of the most popular card games, but one of the most successful. This classic is the theme of numerous films and broadcasts, a must in any casino in the world. The rules are quickly explained: In Blackjack, a total of 312 playing cards, consisting of six decks of French playing cards, are played. Players must try to get their cards closer to 21 than the dealer – or to hit 21 exactly.

Whoever goes too far has lost so players only play against the dealer and not against other players at the table. Live blackjack is offered in numerous different game variants, some of which differ significantly from the classic. As a rule, however, the cards are scored identically in all blackjack online games. The twos to tens are scored according to their number. All the face card has ten points and the ace scores one or eleven points. Blackjack is especially exciting with the side bets in numerous game variants.


The game was originating in Italy and the maker who created it with 9 points was mostly based on the Etruscan rite, according to common opinion. By the way, photographs and tens of cards provide 0 points.

Baccarat is a popular online casino card game developed on some of the most significant stakes. You have to gamble on the dealer, the player or a draw if you play online baccarat. The large proportion of the game is followed by rather strict rules, leading this card game as one of the simplest online casino card games.

Three Card Poker

The three card poker is almost the same as blackjack. The game is completely different, but here too the players only play against the dealer or the casino. The other players’ cards at the table are not important to your own advantage. Basically, three card poker is an extremely fast card game.

There are no purchases or new cards, each player receives three playing cards face down and must collect a total of seven cards of the same type. The rating is the same as the regular poker rules, although of course only a maximum of three hands can be played here. If the dealer has no queen, the player would typically win immediately.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em Poker can in a way be described as the flagship variant of online poker in online casinos. In Europe in particular, Texas Hold’em is much more popular than its “brother”, Omaha Hold’em. In Texas Hold’em Poker, players must form the best hand from five cards.

Each player receives two playing cards that he can look at and analyze. The dealer then deals five playing cards. The first three cards are the so-called flop, the fourth one is turn card and the fifth one is river card. From these five community cards and the two cards in hand, the best hand with five cards is then formed.

Pai Gow Poker

As the name suggests, Pai Gow Poker has its origins in Asia. Classically, the game is actually played with dominoes. In the online casinos of this world, however, playing cards are used instead of the small stones. Players have to be extremely skillful here and cannot rest in any game round an enormously intense game, which meanwhile has countless fans in Europe.

17 and 4

Many people equate 17 and 4 with blackjack. However, that is not entirely true. In fact, 17 and 4 are much older and can therefore be called the predecessors of blackjack. In addition, the rules of the game are a little different. Here, for example, the ace always counts eleven points. The aim of the game, to reach 21 or to get closer to it than the dealer, remains the same.

If the players hit 21 with only two cards, the win is doubled on 17 and 4. If the dealer hits 21 with two cards, the loss is doubled. The rules of this card game are somewhat different around the world. After a short period of getting used to it, any game variant can be played without any problems.

Video poker

Video poker can only be described as a real card game to a limited extent. As the name suggests, poker is played digitally here. Video poker machines have been in use since the 1970s and have been hugely popular ever since. The game rounds are extremely fast here. The purpose of the game is to build the best hands only with playing cards.

Different cards can be held and are carried over to the next drawing round. In addition, the individual game variants such as Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild or Joker Poker each have their own rules of the game. You can then play with jokers or additional prizes for example.


The British card game Hearts is seldom a casino offer. However, this classic is usually played for real money games. Each player receives 13 of a total of 52 playing cards. So four players are active here at the same time. Each player transfers three cards face down to his left player. The two of clubs then opens the game. If you want to secure the stack, you have to place the right cards and at the same time show the highest card in the stack.


The Canasta card game is also a rather atypical casino card game. The origin of this game is in South and North America. Especially friends of special game variants are in good hands here. The game is played with a hand of 52 cards, plus four jokers are in the run. The players play here with partners against other teams. The team that earn highest points in the rounds of the game win the game.

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