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Tips to Avoid Data Breaches

Did you know that there have been 125,000 complaints of fraudulent schemes and scams relating to the coronavirus since January? It is what the data with Federal Trade Commission tells us. In simple terms, it means that some criminals are out there to steal data on the pretext of the COVID-19 assistance. It is inhumane, but above all, it highlights the threats related to cyber-security.

Put merely; estimates tell us those involved in such heinous activities will continue to target vulnerable systems. It happens despite all measures by the states and entities to curb data theft. Thus, the only thing that seems fruitful in this scenario is individual steps to safeguard data. Organizations and individuals both need to step up security and be wary of the looming danger. 

Another aspect in this regard is related to tech. We see continued advancement in the domain as it becomes further sophisticated and superlative. Block-chain and end-to-end encryption are a few examples of the developments in tech concerning online security. But the more advanced it’s becoming, so are the criminal practices. Here, a significant role is that of data privacy.

The major problem lies with the use of data by the state and non-state entities. Data scams take place through the stealing of information and selling it to a third party. They could be a beneficiary of that data and attempt to cause harm to someone. The exchange of data comes under privacy law. This law safeguards an individual’s right to the use of their information. Knowing our rights is essential to protect data, making it imperative to have a reliable privacy law outlook and awareness.

In terms of awareness, we need to have accurate information on avoiding a data breach. And, this article will serve the purpose. Let’s look at the guidelines to avert any imminent, looming threat.

  • Make Your Data Restricted

Your data is precious, and there can be no replacement for it. So, it would help if you protected it at all costs. The simple way to do that is to restrict and limit access to who views your data. For instance, when you browse any website, you are asked for data permission. Likewise, one needs to be careful in dealing with public computers. It is advisable always to delete any downloads, especially any crucial files. If you operate an organization, you will have to limit the data to individual staff or departments.

  • Ensure Security Training

In the face of the current threats, it’s essential to be adequately trained to deal with the issue. It does vary from one organization to another, but security protocols may be the same. And often, you will require disseminating proper training as and when needed. On a personal level, every person in a household must know how to browse the internet safely. At an organizational level, employees operating the systems must adhere to the rules relating to downloads and installations.

  • Create a Response Plan

In a perfect world, things would never go chaotic or hit a situation of crisis. But when there are constant threats, things could go wrong at any moment. So, the right approach would be to be ready for it and create a contingency plan. If you run a business, you will need to prepare for the unseen. The first measure would be to pay attention to the backup files and make copies of everything.

Other steps would be to write down how you would respond to the crisis as a unit. You would need to assign tasks to specific departments and staffers for the smooth handling of the issue.

  • Install Some Software

It is something many of us overlook in terms of online security. However, this is one of the essential steps to deal with a threat. Our computers and machines should be up to date in terms of the software update. Sometimes, we choose to put off software updates, but this could prove a grave mistake. It is a must to keep all things in order and running.

  • Monitor the Security

We cannot expect to be safe by any one-time arrangements. The key is to continue monitoring your progress on the security measures. It is essential to keep a vigilant eye on whatever is happening in terms of data protection.

Final Word

The data breach is difficult to deal with, and sometimes no security could prove adequate. In this scenario, it is a must to be mindful of possible manipulation and take appropriate measures. If there are regular and proper updates, stringent security, and a cautious approach, things may never turn chaotic.


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