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Published on October 28th, 2020 | by Zeeshan Hussain Bhatti


Strategies on Facebook: Give Your Audience What They Want

Today it is rare to see someone without a Facebook account. This social network that already has 15 years of history (it is said quickly, but it is a long time!) Is the most used globally among users and therefore, the one that can reach the most public? For this reason, it will be an essential piece when planning our marketing strategy: well-planned Facebook strategies will add to the visibility power of social networks to give our brand a boost. But how do we take advantage of this global network? We explain some marketing strategies for Facebook that will be very useful to you.


Call to action, one of the best strategies on Facebook

The best way to get users to interact with your Facebook page is simply by asking them to do so. That is why call to action buttons are a very effective Facebook strategy when it comes to achieving interaction. You can choose between all the options offered by the social network: shop now, contact us, send a message, sign up, play… Think carefully about what you want to achieve with the button and where you want to take your users so that this marketing strategy on Facebook be effective. A good way to make the call to action even more visible is with an appropriate header. Create a striking design that invites you to use the button to improve your strategy.

Use visual resources in your strategies on Facebook

With Instagram at the top of social media, videos have become increasingly interesting when it comes to promoting content. Give your Facebook marketing a twist with videos that show your brand, you’re creative processes, the background of what you sell, and not just the merchandise. Selling is not only showing the product, it is also showing how you have created it and the team of people behind it. Humanizing the brand with videos that tell a story will add great value to your marketing strategy for Facebook.

Another thing that you should not forget is to always put an image on your publications and links, in this way you make sure that they will not go unnoticed. If the post contains a call to action (such as buying a product or downloading a guide) you can put a fake call to action, this motivates users to click on the link. Also take into account the headers in your promotions and change them each time to give dynamism to the page. Visual support, be it video or image, will be essential in your Facebook strategies, so don’t neglect it and plan it well.

Facebook advertising

One of the most powerful tools to make your Facebook marketing work is Facebook Ads. You can create campaigns to promote your products and segment them in detail so that they reach the audience you exactly want. You can segment by age, sex, hobbies, origin and much more, thus achieving a personalized target that will be exactly the one that wants to receive your advertising, which will increase the percentage of possible conversions.

Also take the opportunity to offer free products from Facebook to take users to your website and increase traffic. Once the free content has been downloaded, it will be easier to reach customers to offer paid content. Start your strategy with Facebook advertising as the first platform and finish it by achieving conversions on your website.

Customize the audience for your strategies on Facebook

And speaking of custom audiences for your ads, it is important that you study thoroughly who is interested in your page for Facebook marketing like animation production company to be effective. You have several ways to do it, and we will tell you some:

  • Pixel tracking: with this tool you can see the users who visit your website and that will help you to personalize the campaigns taking into account the potential audience. You can control whether advertising on Facebook is aimed at users who have visited your website, users who have visited similar pages to attract them to your profile, or even users who have not visited certain pages.
  • Contact lists: you can import contact lists from your website, for example, those subscribed to a newsletter, to see how many of them are on Facebook. The strategy on Facebook will then consist of impacting the contacts that are in the network with campaigns aimed only at them.

Conversation and interaction as strategies on Facebook

One of the marketing strategies on Facebook that can give you more visibility with relatively little effort is to generate interaction with the community. Publish valuable content not only about your products but, as we have commented above, about the creative processes and aspects that can humanize your brand. Generate entertainment for your customers, don’t just look to sell without more. If they see the work behind your brand they will value it more and you will be able to empathize with users.

Use the posts to generate interaction among the fans of the page. You can ask them to tag friends by answering a question about the post, and in this way you will get viral and reach more people. Conversation questions are effective if you empathize with your followers. You can ask trivia questions, questions to get feedback from your audience, riddles … Anything that encourages interaction and helps you see how your audience breathes to know where to focus future strategies on Facebook. Buy real FB fans and build a community of friends, not just customers.

Participate in other Facebook pages and groups

Working on the content and feedback of your page is very good, but you should also get out of it to know what is moving outside. Browse Facebook pages related to your sector and make yourself known on them with valuable comments and opinions, let them see that you exist and that you have something interesting to offer. It is important to create a community on your page, but it is even more important to create it with other pages related to yours. Your Facebook strategies shouldn’t skip this part because, after all, that’s what a social network is for, right? Know and make yourself known.

Facebook group marketing

They say that unity is strength, and on Facebook it is truer than ever. Groups are a good way to put marketing strategies into practice, so if you haven’t joined one yet, feel free to do so. Find groups related to your sector, companies and professionals who share ideas and values ​​with your brand, and join them. Who will understand your work better than someone who is also dedicated to it? In groups, you will be able to monetize the efforts made to convert because you will be able to speak directly with the public that is really interested in your product. In addition, the feedback you get from the interaction between customers will help you refine your strategies on Facebook and learn more about what your audience wants. Give them what they ask for and they will ask for more.

Managing social networks like Facebook requires a daily effort and learning to analyze and understand everything they generate around you. Empathy with your audience and the desire to keep them happy will be essential for your audience to progressively increase. If you’re Facebook strategies are effective, conversions will go up and generate trust with your brand and, in turn, more followers.

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