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What Your Website Needs to Stay Relevant in 2020

These days, everything and anything can be found online. There is literally a website for everything you can imagine. If you own and operate your own business, you need a website that is built for the best possible online experiences for your customers or clients in 2020 and beyond. As explained by Contentful, “For brands to succeed in 2020, they need to deliver digital-first experiences to customers over every channel.” Here are a few things it absolutely needs.

Chatboxes and Live Chat

The truth is, customers who visit company websites want to get fast answers to any and all questions they have about your goods or services. They need customer service immediately, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they must have to pick up the phone to access it. As a result, you should implement a chatbox and live chat features in your website. A chat box is useful for getting questions answered immediately while a live chat allows customers to access customer service anytime they need it. These are essential digital experiences you should offer in 2020.

Better Overall Experience

Obviously, better digital experiences are the ultimate goal when you consider your customers or clients. You want your potential buyer to have the best possible time on your company website so they continue shopping for your brand and use word-of-mouth to promote it to others. Keeping your site as problem-free as possible is the key to those goals. To do this, your site should be user-friendly and have a clean and responsive design that has a fast loading speed.

Social Media Implementation and Sharing

To give your customers the best digital experiences with your website this year and well into the future, you need to add social media and sharing features. These days, everyone is on at least a couple of social media platforms, which means your company should do the same. Additionally, it’s smart business to implement social media right on your site to encourage customers or clients to see your brand and products or services right from their own pages. You should also give them the ability to share information from your website on their own social media profiles. This can generate more interest among their circles, which can only benefit your business in a big way.

Mobile Optimization

Finally, you must optimize your website for mobile. This is essential for the best digital experiences as more than half of all Internet traffic comes from smartphones and other mobile devices. Your site must look and perform properly on these smaller screens. Use a design that is both computer- and mobile-friendly to get your users to continue visiting your site.


You will want to have reviews of your products or services posted on your website as well. This is important for encouraging your customers to use your brand and to continue to do so. You will also want them to leave their own reviews. You can have a page specifically for this purpose right on your site or direct them to your Yelp page to leave reviews.

These are all the things your website needs in 2020 and beyond. They will ensure customer loyalty for your brand and company.

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