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Here’s What You Need To Know When Building A Business Website In 2020

There is no doubt that 2020 has changed the world as we know it. Even once everyone is back at work and the borders are all open again, there will be a new normal. One aspect of this is the fact that more people than ever will be working for themselves.

COVID-19 laid waste to world economies, and many people lost their jobs due to lockdown restrictions. Some will go back to those or similar jobs eventually. But many others found alternative ways to make money.

Whether you have decided to create your own small business, or are simply freelancing using the skills you have, you need a website as your headquarters. Here is what you need to know when building a website in 2020.

Use cloud hosting

Hosting is not one of the first things you think about when building a website, but it is the first service you need in place for your website to run. Nevertheless, many people simply choose the first option in a Google search without knowing much about it.

In 2020, you should not simply go with the traditional hosting options that have been around for decades. According to Verpex™, cloud hosting is the service that will take your website into the future. Instead of being homed in one physical location, your website is hosted across many servers. In an increasingly global world, this means that visitors will find your website fast and effective no matter where they are.

When working online, there is no reason to limit your client base to your location. The world is a big place, and the further your reach, the more success you will have.

Find the right name and logo

There are many people who, when building their design business for example, will find a name and logo that sound and look nice, without expressing what they do. They end up with a URL and logo that is useless for drawing clients.

Your business name and logo should make it clear what you do. In other words, utilitarianism should take precedence over aesthetics here. It should still look and sound good, but anyone who hears of you should have no doubt that they have found what they are looking for.

If you are using Wix, there is an excellent logo designer even for those who have no design experience to speak of.

Write a blog

It is possible you don’t particularly want to write a blog. Not everyone wants to express themselves in this way. But a business blog serves a different purpose.

A business blog brings in organic traffic when people search for topics related to your industry. People who come to read an article then get an idea of your product or service, without you having to seek them out directly.

A blog also shows that you know what you are doing. People are more likely to trust a business with an authoritative blog because it shows that you can, at the least, talk the talk.

Building a business website in 2020 is easier than ever, which is why you need to stand out. Follow the above tips to get the most out of your new business.

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