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Published on June 20th, 2020 | by Sumit Bhowal


Mastering Sylas on the Mid Lane – LoL Patch 10.9

​Mastering Sylas on the mid lane can be a bit challenging, especially for a beginner. It may take a while to get used to playing this style, but it is totally doable. At this point, you have two options. The first one involves discovering all the secrets by yourself. The second one implies following this guide to skip learning the hard way.

Sylas can hijack enemy ultimates, but he is also versatile and great in dueling. On a negative note, his range is quite short and an ultimate can hit you back if used the wrong way. Anyway, what should you do when dealing with Sylas counters and how do you master the mid lane?


Handling summoner spells

Summoner spells can come in multiple varieties, but few of them stand out in the crowd. Here are the best spells to have on you.

  • Flash – it is self explanatory and represents your main option, so make sure you always have it.
  • Cleanse – Sylas is a squishy champion and not so good with mobility, so this spell will make it harder for enemies to take you down.
  • Ignite – your best option for extra kill pressure when in lane.
  • Teleport – suitable for hard lanes, as you can base quite early.

What runes to have on you in the mid lane

There are certain things you can do to make your life easier in the mid lane. You can learn all these things the hard way, but knowing what to have on you will make it easier to advance.

  • Electrocute – it can come up in no time, as Sylas is fast at executing combos, but it will also enable the whole kit.
  • Sudden Impact – a must have to enable magic penetration, which is highly recommended in AP champions.
  • Ravenous Hunter – not the best option early in the game, but suitable later on as you get kills.
  • Gathering Storm – also weak in the early stages of the game, but it will make the difference after 20 minutes into the game.
  • Absolute Focus – keep healthy and this rune will bring in plenty of free AP if you have 70% HP or more.
  • Eyeball Collection – the best rune to use if you want to adopt an aggressive style.

Loves to use to master the mid lane

The passive ability is known as Petricite Burst. Cast a spell and your next simple attack will bring in more damage. Basically, Sylas will whirl chains around him for extra damage on nearby enemies.

Chain Lash (Q) is usually maxed first. Your champion lashes out and destroys slow enemies with his chains. Give it a second and chains will detonate, causing even more damage.

Abduct (E) maxes second and gives Sylas some distance. He has the capability to recast the chains and get closer to the main enemy hit. The champion will have extra shielding if this target is a monster or champion.

Hijack (R) should be maxed third. You can jack the ultimate of your enemy and use it yourself. Keep in mind that your enemy is still free to use their own ultimates. At the same time, you will not be able to hijack the same enemy for a while.

Finally, Kingslayer (W) allows Sylas to lunge at targets with exquisite strikes. Not only does he damage the target, but he also heals himself. The less health your enemy has, the more efficient the final result will be – more damage on the enemy and more health for you.

Final words

Bottom line, mastering the mid lane takes time and there are many other things to discover, but these tips and tricks will put you on track and give you a good head start.​

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