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Best Ways To Promote Your Business Online in 2020

Do you want to promote your Business through Online if yes then SEO is the best way to promote your business Online. It is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of the audience to a particular website through organic search engine results.  Here  Daniel Foley SEO Consultant  offering best SEO Services in Uk.

If you don’t understand the true meaning of SEO yet then let’s breaks this definition into small parts. Surely, you will get the point.

What exact include in SEO?

If you are curious to know about search engine optimization then here, we have discussed it in well-manner.

Quality of audience: First understand what quality audience is? We can say it the quality of traffic in other words. The meaning of this can be explained as “if you are a manufacturer of apple computer and visitor searching for apple fruit is visiting on your website. Then, it is not quality traffic. Your site must attract only those visitors who are really and generally interested in your services or product.

Quantity of traffic: Visitors are visiting on your site by clicking through from those search engine results pages (SERPs), more traffic is better.

Organic results: Organic traffic is the traffic for which you don’t have to pay for. Advertisement from Google or any other makes up a significant portion of many SERPs.

How SEO Works?

Well, we hope that you understood the real meaning of search engine optimization from the above content. Now, it’s time to know how it works. So, let us start!!!

Generally, you enter your question or query instead of wesite like on Google, yahoo or bing, or any other. And suddenly, a long list shows on your computer, mobile or any other electronic device. Have you ever noticed that from where this list comes on your device? What is the process behind this? Here, we tell you this.

Google or any other search engine you are using has its crawler who search instant all the pages uploaded on the search engine which are related to your query’s answer. After that, the crawler brings them and search engine build an index for them. That index is then fed through an algorithm that tries to match all that data with your query.

Do you know what Google algorithm is?

Now, you think that how page on SERPs takes position at one, two, three etc. Well, it depends on Google algorithm.

Google has introduced an algorithm, including some SEO techniques. These tricks or techniques are essential to follow all those site owners who want to bring traffic in high quantity at their site.

An interesting fact about this Google algorithm is that Google is continuously updating this with small or significant changes. So, it is very crucial to keep update yourself with the google updates if you don’t want to face any loss.

It can divide into two categories:

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO can be explained as all those factors and techniques by which you influence visitors only from your own site.

Of-Page SEO

In off-page SEO, you link your site’s pages from another website such as social media, or other. The main motive behind this activity is to market your service or product. But it’s always advisable to take help from a professional agency like SEO Singapore to take leverage of the power of the internet and search.


We hope that you got the details regarding what is SEO. If you want to know different aspects of search engine optimization in brief, then we suggest you visit our other pages.

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