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Published on April 2nd, 2020 | by Ali Dino


Tips and Tricks to Keep Data Organized and Clean to Get Optimal Results in Business

You should always consider keeping all your data organized and clean if you aim to benefit from Salesforce to the max. Such responsibility will influence the teamwork with the sales employees positively. Besides, it will be easier to meet privacy and data security requirements.

How Beneficial Is this Software for the Companies?

Copies is a significant issue which you ought to relieve so as to guarantee that you have the correct arrangement of information with you. Envision that you have a ton of copy drives coming into your framework, into your Salesforce, or your deals and showcasing client. It can’t simple to tackle the issue of copies. There are sure focuses that you should remember so as to tackle the issue of copies totally.

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As stated in one of the recent studies, the company’s contact database might consist of about 22% of unused and invalid files. At the same time, marketing experts and sales employees report that the actual percentage rises to 30% of faulty information in the data storage base.

Not dealing with the unwanted files in due time will undoubtedly affect all the stages of interacting with the clients and their experience in general. The client support service and sales representatives also become affected. Salesforce Duplicate Management will help reduce the amount of time spent on managing and deleting all the duplicate files by hand.

Salesforce Duplicate Management Is the Modern Method of Dealing with Doubled Data

The main goal of developing Salesforce Duplicate Management is creating simple and efficient software for joining the Salesforce files. There is a high demand for a combining tool in Salesforce, which is the main reason for the creation of this application.

  • The Salesforce files can be joined separately and in groups. If you are looking for a specific file, it can be searched in Salesforce for copies and combined with them into one;
  • Currently, three categories can be de-duplicated. They include your Contact files, Accounts, and Leads. You can de-dupe them separately or all at once. Right now, the support for more categories is at the stage of development;
  • The application for Salesforce Duplicate Management searches multiplied files with the help of a unique identifying code. It is up to the user to insert a necessary request, such as a company’s name or a person’s name, For instance, a client may choose a Lead protest and design a blend of First Name + Last Name + Email. This mix is the one of a kind identifier. Along these lines, the application considers all records that coordinate the estimation of “First Name + Last Name + Email” as copies and they will be offered for blending.
  • After the one of a kind identifier is chosen, the application will show the client a rundown of recommended ace records. Moreover, a rundown of records for each Master record will be shown. In the event that the records have various qualities in the coordinating fields, our Dedupe Application will at that point offer to pick the right an incentive for each field. In the event that there are no errors, the application will offer to consolidate
  • If a user selects Auto Detect, the Dedupe Management app will ask the user to choose an Object they would like to dedupe. The Duplicate Management App can deal with Leads, Accounts and Contacts, but it can’t deal with other Standard or Custom objects such as per CRM Limitations. Once the user selects Lead, Contact or Account object, they must define a unique identifier. The Duplicate Management App is also able to find duplicates by relying on that unique identifier;
  • When the new file is created by combining the identical ones, the user can view it. There, you can download the information about the process.

The Benefits of Incorporating the Salesforce Duplicate Management

Currently, the process of managing and combining the duplicated files is extremely easy. Thanks to the Salesforce Duplicate Management system, you can clean and organize the information automatically. It is easy to forget to look up the already created files within the Salesforce; therefore, such a program is convenient. De-duplicating data takes a lot of time, even if you do it regularly. However, the data still piles up and overloads the system. The Salesforce Duplicate Management will be beneficial for the long-term operation of the company.

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