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Techies want a Coronavirus tracking app and it’s a pretty good idea

The novel Coronavirus spread in Wuhan province of China a few months ago. Its first case was reported on December 31, 2019, and since then, more than 92,000 people have been infected. The number of people infected by the virus is growing every day, and it is spreading around the world.

Countries like the US, Italy, Iran, China, the UK, France, and many others have reported many cases of the Coronavirus, it spread on every continent of the world. Although the situation in China seems to be getting better, the end of the outbreak is nowhere close to being seen.

Many fields are involved in the fight against the coronavirus, including the tech companies. They are coming up with new ideas to make it easier for the government to track the outbreak of the virus.

Tracking the virus

The new idea, especially, can come in handy while trying to fight against the new coronavirus. The main idea of the plan is to come up with an application of some sort, which would be able to track the location of those who are infected with the virus. The app would have information about those who have coronavirus and some other details to make it easier for everyone to avoid them.

The app would be able to display people’s location in real-time and would have enough information for everyone to keep safe.

This technology is not a new advancement in no way since it has been used by many developers. For example, apps like PokemonGo and Ingress have been using it for a long time now. PokemonGo, one of the most popular smartphone-games in the world is especially popular, and many people use it actively. Implementing this platform in the fight against the novel coronavirus could do a lot of good for authorities.

There was a trend in Norway where Norwegian Android casinos once used this technology. With this, they were able to put secret gambling spots in different cities where people were able to play exclusive games. With this advancement, the newest casinos in the country, also referred to as nytt casino, became very popular in the blink of an eye.

Tracking of the virus can be very important when it is spreading so fast. It could give people a good amount of information and could have the possibility to fight strongly against the growing virus.

There are many different fields involved in this very important fight, but the coronavirus is spreading very fast. The more information one has, the easier it is for them to stay safe. There are several recommendations made by the World Health Organisation, which could also be included in the app. WHO is very actively involved in this fight.

The chances for death are fairly low for the coronavirus, but it remains to be very dangerous because of the fast pace that it is spreading with. These new ideas can help people to find safe places and continue their lives without being afraid every day.

Although the chance of death started out to be very low, The World Health Organization announced on Tuesday that the global death rate of the new coronavirus is 3.4 percent. This comes as very bad news, and fighting against it becomes even harder.

The number of infected people is rising very fast, and every day the more countries are announcing the cases of coronavirus.

In Europe, the virus was mostly spread from Italy, which represents one of the top tourism destinations in the region. There are already some restrictions on flights between Italy and other countries.

The virus also had a very bad effect on the world market, the prices of different currencies are becoming very unstable and even crypto received some damage from it. Some professionals say that it will take years to get back on track after the virus.


Covid-19, better known as the Coronavirus first spread in the Wuhan region of China. The virus further spread around the world in the coming months and managed to infect more than 92,000 people. More than 3,000 people were killed by the virus, making it very dangerous. As time passes, fighting with it becomes even harder.

Several schools and universities were closed down around the world because of the virus, governments are trying to keep the virus from spreading further. The most dangerous aspect of the virus is that you might have it and have no idea about it for up to 14 days, this makes controlling the virus very hard.

New ideas and innovations are very important in times like this. Tracking the virus could give a lot of people a safer environment and ensure that everyone is up to date with accurate information.

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