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How do iGaming companies ensure security and reliability of their products?

The iGaming world and market has been growing rapidly for years, and there are no signs of it slowing down – quite the opposite. More and more online casinos, software providers, games, and gaming platforms come to market every single day. Though gambling is strictly regulated around the world, online gaming is allowed in most countries in Europe and Asia. However, the multitude of online casinos and ever growing industry raises a question: how do the iGaming companies ensure the safety and reliability of their products?

Reza Shojaei, the founder of Value Marketing, answers the burning question.

What do online casinos do to ensure the safety and security of their players?

Shojaei is an avid poker player and the founder of a multinational iGaming company, Value Marketing. The company has two main products: and オンラインカジノ The purpose of these companies is to provide casino players around the world a secure safety net, that allows them to check relevant iGaming related news, articles, reviews, and guides.

The safety and security is a worry for many players. This is why Value Marketing created its products, and the purpose of them is to recommend safe places to play.

Not all online casinos are reliable, unfortunately. We aim to recommend only the honest online casino sites that are safe, secure, and reliable. And of course, that offers a wonderful gaming experience, Shojaei explains.

Shojaei also says that one of the biggest issues in the iGaming market is the fact that not all sites and companies are reliable. There are multiple factors that contribute to it and it is important to take all of them into account as a player, to ensure that you play only at the safest casinos.

The very first thing each player needs to check is the licencing of the casino. European licences are generally the best ones for European players. For instance, Malta, Great Britain, Gibraltar, Sweden, and Estonia offer reliable licences for casinos. Their standards are high and the casinos are held to these standards at all times, as well as audited by third-party companies, Shojai says.

This gives you as a player more security. The correct and reliable licence is a clear indicator that the casino has passed strict standards and is safe and trustworthy.

Another thing each and every online casino should have is an SSL-protection. This protects all the information that is being sent within the site. For instance, when you add your payment information, make a deposit or a withdrawal, or add your address and other information to the registration form – the SSL-connection encrypts all this information, protecting it from potential hackers. You can check the protection from the bottom of the page: the casinos normally present an SSL-logo at the bottom. The footer is also where a player can find more information about the licensing authority.

How do you know if a software provider is safe?

Just like online casinos, also software providers have to meet certain standards and criteria before they can offer their games to online casinos. Each provider also has to have a licence. For instance, the world-wide known Microgaming owns a licence from the UK Gambling Commission. This means that it is allowed to offer games for players from Great Britain, as well as players from elsewhere in Europe.

Often times, players worry about the casino games being rigged. This, however, is not possible. No reliable and reputable software provider is able to rig their games for a few reasons. Each game includes a Random Number Generator that ensures that each result is random. But also, the games and companies are regularly audited and tested, Shojaei enlightens.

A Random Number Generator is included in every game, no matter if it is a slot game or a scratch card game. It ensures the random end result, and also makes it impossible to rig the game or predict the results.

In addition, each and every game is thoroughly tested before they are put out to market. This means that the games are played hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of times before releasing them. Each game also tells you the Return to Player percentage and variance.

Frankly, software providers have no reason to rig their games. The RTP (which is always less than 100%) ensures that the game always makes profits in the long run, Shojaei says.

Everyone has heard the saying “the house always wins”, which means that the casino makes profits in the long run. So, this being said, it does not make sense for a legit casino to try and pull a fast one. However, we always see a few bad apples in the bunch, which is why players have to be vigilant about licences.

Are payments safe?

Making a payment and putting some of your own money into the casino account is, of course, a concern for many. The good news is, that because of SSL and protected connection (HTTPS), you will not have to worry. No one will be able to get to your payment information, unless you give them your login information (which is why you should never share it with anyone).

The casinos will not steal your info, either: they would get in huge trouble with the gaming authorities if they did. So, you can safely make payments at online casinos. However, one thing you should be wary of are cryptocurrencies: because they are impossible to track, make sure that the casino you play at is extremely safe and reliable.

As a player, you should always make sure that you use safe casinos: check their licences and reviews. Use casinos that other players have recommended and make sure to keep your login info safe and do not share it with anyone. Also, keep the receipts of your deposits: it helps you to track how much you have spent.

Ultimately, responsible gaming is your own responsibility, and you should check the casinos you play. However, in general, all well-known iGaming companies are reliable and you can easily get started with gaming.

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