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Discover Important Tips on How to Relocate to New Mexico

New Mexico is a state situated in the United States ‘ southwest and west areas. New Mexico is generally often called a Mountain State. This State is the 5th largest, the 36th most populous, and the 6th least densely populated of the 50 USA.

New Mexico has attracted people to its beautiful countryside and nature. If you’re planning to move to New Mexico, we have gathered some tips that might help you prepare for the transition. Find out a list of 11 things you should learn before moving to New Mexico.

Best Places to Live in New Mexico 2020

  • Los Alamos
  • White Rock
  • Nob Hill
  • Sandia Heights
  • Eastside
  • Corrales
  • Ballon Fiesta
  • Messila
  • Downtown

Tips To Make Your Moving Transition Stress Free

  • Get rid of unnecessary things. Now check your closets and get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a year. These items can donate to thrift stores or a homeless shelter.
  • Please go through the pantry and cabinets and use non-perishable items before their expiration dates. Wash the fridge and the freezer.
  • Refill your prescriptions, and if necessary, transfer them to a new pharmacy. Make sure you have your medical records, so you can give the medical records to your new doctor when you move to New Mexico.
  • And don’t forget your pets! Their medical records are also important. Make sure that their vaccines are correct and have their flea and tick medications. Clean up their packs, and be ready to go.
  • Set up a box of daily medicines for your family and keep it with your essential items.
  • Locate, organize, and copy vital paperwork.
  • Back up your document from your computer.
  • In the Post Office, fill in a change of address form. Update your magazine subscription addresses online. Change your address and notify your utility companies about your move so that you can arrange for service to be transferred to your new home in New Mexico.
  • Return all the borrowing items.
  •  Buy and box things that make it easier to unpack and get settled, such as hangers for extra clothes and new shower curtains.
  • Explain to your kids and teens the transition of your television and internet service can take a few days.

What you need to know about New Mexico before you move there?

  • It Wasn’t Named After Mexico

Why you would think New Mexico is named after Mexico is plain to see. Spanish explorers gave Nuevo México its name in 1563 way before Mexico ever existed.

Mexico was known until 1821 as New Spain, and only received its snazzy new name when it gained independence.

  • Laid Back Is New Mexico Culture

New Mexico is renowned for being laid back. You won’t find too many sharp elbows in the state, and that’s a slow pace of life. If you’re moving to New Mexico and don’t know whoever lives there, making friends among the state’s open and easy-going residents should be relatively easy.

  • New Mexicans Were Around Long Before You Were

This state has some of the oldest continuously settled settlements in the United States with a rich history of Indigenous Cultures and then with the Spanish conquest.

Since the year 1000, the Acoma Pueblo, also known as Sky City and Taos Pueblo, was inhabited. Santa Fe is the oldest continuously populated state capital. On most other major cities, only Albuquerque has a few hundred years— it’s been around since 1706.

  • Adobe Is Everywhere

If you’re not an Adobe fan, living in New Mexico can take a few to get used to. Old and new buildings use the stuff, in different shades. The ancient building material blends in well with the dry climate of New Mexico.

  • New Mexico Had The First Las Vegas

Established in 1835 by a group of Mexican immigrants, the original Las Vegas, on the other, more famous Las Vegas is about 70 years old.

While the one here isn’t as flashy, every year, New Mexico is getting lots of visitors. The difference is that in New Mexico, you’ll be asked if you say, “I went to Las Vegas,” “Which one?

  • New Mexicans Get Together To Burn Away Their Worries 

Fifty thousand New Mexicans go every year since 1924 to watch the burning of Zozobra or “Old Man Gloom” at the Fiestas de Santa Fe.

The 50-foot-tall effigy reflects the previous year’s problems and troubles. Anyone with an abundance of depression should write down their problems on a sheet of burning paper. That’s a certain ritual right there!

  • New Mexico Estate A Purple

New Mexico leans slightly pink, in political terms. In the last three presidential elections, the state went for the Democratic candidate. Yet the governor of the state is a Democrat. Two U.S. senators from the state are both Democrats.

  • Pancakes On The July 4th? Course Off!

The 4th of July in Santa Fe means Pancakes. That’s because every year between 15,000 and 20,000 pancake eaters gather here for Pancakes On The Plaza, a tradition that benefits local nonprofits. If you ever wanted to attend a pancake party, that’s your chance.

  • You Don’t Choose New Mexico. It Chooses You

When they say, New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment; they are not kidding. That state has all its magnetism.

Perhaps it is the bright sunlight, or the crisp, dry air, or the way people here are friendly. Yet people have a romantic attachment to that particular place, and every day they are reminded of it.

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