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Can People Cheat at Roulette?

Roulette is surely unbeatable. Nonetheless, human ingenuity does not know any limits when it comes to thinking up some easy ways to rack up significant amounts of money.

People have been trying to cheat at roulette as long as the game exists, and some actually succeeded. Now, there are numerous methods with which anyone can augment their playing odds. However, a more important question, which stands behind “Can people cheat at roulette?” is which of the techniques are cheating and which are legal to realize.

The Legal Aspect

Deciding whether a technique or method of playing roulette is legal is the job of the government. Casino owners have no power over it, just as the public, too. Only politicians can influence this matter.

As each state in the US has its own laws and regulations, there are numerous definitions of what cheating exactly is. So, due to varying interpretations, there are different renderings of what should be considered as cheating.

To highlight the general positions, let’s use the legal definition of cheating from the state that rules over Sin City, Nevada. Cheating there is any action that an individual takes to change the game’s elements of chance, methods of winner selection, or criteria that define the game’s results.

It means that, for example, if you somehow change the slot machines’ win rate probabilities, then you are cheating. Another example would be if you somehow influence a game of keno to display your number choice, as it would be cheating, too. Nonetheless, if you come up with a new way to consistently put yourself in a winning position without meeting any criteria in the cheating definition, it would not be technically considered cheating.

For instance, there is a completely legitimate way to increase your chances of winning in blackjack by executing a special method of playing called “counting cards.” Still, although it is legal and you can’t be taken to court for applying this technique, you will get banned from the casino that you tried it at. And the situation is pretty much the same with other legal cheating methods.

If casinos could create laws, then they would most likely make everything that gives an advantage to the player illegal. Luckily, it is not the case yet, and if you get caught, you will just get banned, and that’s not the worst of the outcomes. However, according to the GDS, the existing punishments for cheaters don’t end on that.

Although Dubious, Technically Legal Ways

So, let’s examine the various techniques that one can employ to give an extra edge when playing roulette. The information below is not to endorse you to go on and use the described methods but to be aware of the existing approaches.

Roulette Roll-Predicting Computer

Especially as of now, there are many devices available online that can help you somewhat correctly predict the outcome of a roll. These devices are fitted with small computers that contain only one application on it and a camera.

The program with sophisticated algorithms analyzes the footage of the roulette being thrown in real-time, providing you with percentages on the possible number outcomes. It is not a perfect system by any means, and there is a significant margin of error.

Wheel Clocking & Counting

This technique does not require any devices, but only your attentiveness and analytical approach. This trick is based upon the idea that croupiers are prone to repeating the same throwing motion almost identically every time.

So, stemming from that presupposition, you can guess where the ball will land by knowing the average spins that the ball goes through, as well as observing where the ball was thrown. To get the average, you have to keep watching the table for ten to twenty games and then make your predictions.

However, keep in mind that laws change, and if you decide to employ such legal cheating tactics, they may not be acceptable within a couple of years down the line. For example, according to the BBC, the casinos will not be accepting credit cards soon. It just shows how quickly the government can enact changes.

Can People Cheat at Online Roulette?

Online roulette is nothing more than a sophisticated slot machine with several participants. The only way to cheat at the online version is to compete with the random number generation process that lies based on the game. If you are not a pro hacker, then there are no options to cheat at such games.

There are, however, some online roulettes that are not just a simple number generation program. Some of them are real-time streams of a game of roulette in a casino. It is that in addition to people playing the game in person, other people are playing it over the internet.

In such online casinos, it would be possible to employ the previously mentioned roulette roll predictors to guess the expected result and quickly put down a bet. Using this method would only work, however, if the casino allows late betting, and many online casinos have long abandoned it.

NJGamblingFun is one of the fantastic examples of site aggregators which feature online casinos that offer roulette in both versions, as an RNG slot-type game and as a stream of a real-life game. You can easily join these games and try out some playing techniques without any repercussions, so make sure to research more here.


According to CNN, it seems like cheating will exist as long as games do. With most of the cheating techniques, you have no chances to succeed, and with some, one might have an actual advantage. However, you need to ask yourself whether cheating is worth it in any scenario.

Illegal cheating will get you to pay for it momentarily. What’s more, legal cheating is, firstly, incredibly hard to realize, and, secondly, you will get banned, and your winnings will be taken as soon as you get caught. No casino ever will condone an exceptionally consistent winner.

So, isn’t it better to just enjoy a good old game of roulette without the anxiety of getting noticed and thrown out? According to Gamblers Daily Digest, people who gamble for fun receive unforgettable feelings and actually win more than those concerned about guessing the numbers.

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