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The Best Writing Apps For Professional Writers for 2019

In today’s business, some jobs are in demand, examples are professional authorship and copywriting. These jobs require expertise to display comprehensive imagination to be able to deliver the right information in a precise order without wasting lots of time. As the saying goes, time is money, and it would be a great favor if we could save time from the hassle process of formatting and editing.

Commonly, the pace of a copy composition will depend significantly on the output quality. If you write quickly, chances are you’ll compromise your writing quality in areas such as structure, grammar, uniqueness, and keyword density. With today’s modern solution, there are ways to help the writers in organizing their thought, writing process, and make the task of editing faster without sacrificing the writing quality. Let’s begin the talk about the best writing apps for writers.


Grammarly is, no doubt, one of the most used writing apps by almost everyone. It’s helpful in ways like checking the grammar, spelling, function, Grammarly word count, and advises on the tone of your composition. The “tone” feature of Grammarly permits you to set the goals about the audience, style, intent, and the emotion of the message. After you paste and configure everything, it will show you the score and if you meet the goals that you set.

This app is not only the best solution for faster editing of your copy, but you also can use this app for educational purposes to students. It will help you improve your grammar and writing skills if you use Grammarly regularly.


This app is among the most remarkable writing app today, based on natural language processing algorithms. The design of this app is to recognize conditions and detects the errors that are not obvious in composition. Its text-recognizing effectiveness is prominent if you compare it to the other editing writing apps.

Also, a significant advantage of Ginger is the feature to connect your Gmail inbox to your social media profiles. It will allow you to post on social media and send emails correctly.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway is a must-try writing app if you want to make writing uncomplicated and readable to the audience. You can copy and paste your piece into the Hemingway editor, and then it will show you the areas where you can improve and revise your work. It will tell you which sentences you need to shorten, which word you can change with other suitable words or phrases.

Hemingway also offers a feature that they call “readability grade levels” that assists with effective writing. The feature analyzes your words if it is readable, depending on your choice of texts and the structure of a sentence, and it makes improvement suggestions.


No matter what device you are using, if it’s an android, iPhone, mac, windows, or iPad, there are lots of apps that you can use to help you improve your writing style and writing process in a short amount of time. Next time that you do something that involves writing visit or use these helpful apps to ensure an almost perfect type of writing.

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