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Learn to Become More Tech Savvy to Make Life Easier

Do you know how to build apps? How about finding the ones you need? If you are willing to learn the basics of app-building or detailed searching, your life could become much easier. It takes about three hours to learn enough coding skills to build your own, custom-made app for just about anything. If you’re not keen to go that route, consider doing deep searches for specific finance apps that can help with some of your daily chores. The trick is finding the ones that suit your particular financial situation and can help you save, invest, plan, budget, and otherwise improve your fiscal standing. Here’s a look at four popular categories of applications that millions of people use every day to solve money-related challenges of various types.

Saving for a Down Payment

Down payment apps are popular among recent college grads and young adults who are looking to sock away enough cash to purchase a starter home. As of last year, the average amount put down on first homes was $22,000, a sum that young professionals often can’t come up with in the absence of a strict savings plan. A few of the down payment versions are free while others, with all the bells and whistles, are in the $20 price range. Look for top-rated versions that don’t suck up a ton of memory and are simple to use. If you want to build a detailed savings program to reach your goal of signing for a first house, these little pieces of code will get you there.

Refinancing Student Loans

Student loans are the very root of all financial problems for millennials today. We have hit a nexus where starting salaries simply do not justify the cost of higher education. Couple those costs with high interest rates, and you could be saddled with a lifetime of debt. Refinancing your student loans can save you thousands of dollars, as well as the added benefit of lower monthly payments. Other benefits of refinancing are lower interest rates, and a longer repayment period (hence the lower monthly payment).

Paying Off Credit Cards

Apps for paying off credit cards are everywhere and are free and simple to use. Find one that can handle many cards, comes with a tutorial, and has the ability to search online, in real time, for competitive interest rates. These little pieces of technology are ideal for consumers who have several cards with moderate to high balances and want to see the most efficient way to eliminate the high interest debt as quickly as possible.

Building a Comprehensive Budget

Budget applications are things of beauty. Take a few minutes to input your information, and you’ll be shown a menu of hundreds of scenarios for restructuring your monthly expenses and income. Sure, you can go to a financial planner, but for most of us, our finances are not so complex that we need to shell out even more money for someone else to manage what little we have left.

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