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Making the Internet a Safe Place for Kids Using Robust Parental Control Apps

Keeping your kids safe seems to be the hardest thing to do with the internet spreading its wings far and wide. There’s a variety of the good, bad, and ugly that’s doing the rounds in the internet space and keeping tab on your kids while they are browsing can take a toll on you.

Oftentimes, the temptation to explore things that are beyond their years can get kids into messy situations and the aftermaths can be disastrous. Since there’s no dearth of unfavorable content and behavior trolling out there, it becomes quite the challenge keeping your kids under control.

How to Protect Kids

Despite the many challenges, effective parenting can be done by taking a number of steps which will keep children safe while using the web. For instance, communicating with kids and informing them about informative content they can browse. As kids these days are increasingly drawn towards social media websites, privacy of the account can be monitored.

Of course, watching your kids like a hawk at all times could help, but that’s not going to go down too well with them. Neither can you limit the World Wide Web from featuring diverse content, some of which might be unsuitable for kids. Ever heard of the friendly app available at You ought to; it’s a family must-have that’s surprising easy to install as well.

Getting the Right App

Agreed that there’s a fine spread of highly informative material as well that can help the younger generation ace their academics, but they aren’t going to be focused on that, are they? There are too many distractions floating around and it’s just a matter of time before your kids get a little adventurous.

Now that you understand the expanse of the internet demons trending, it’s time to work around it the smart way without making things too obvious or embarrassing for either party. Believe it or not, this is the next-gen of applications that can keep your kids safe when they choose to go mobile. It has everything you can wish for to make sure your kids are not crossing boundaries unsupervised.

Gearing Things Up

Wondering how to set it up? Piece of cake, really! Download Kidgy from Google Play; set up the child and parent profiles; start monitoring right away. It doesn’t get any simpler than that; you don’t have to be a technology geek to work with Kidgy. Everything is self-explanatory and simple to understand making it the ideal application for you.

Sure enough the marketplace is packed with all kinds of parental control apps, but they can be tricky to work with if you’re technologically challenged. This is where Kidgy kicks it out of the park with its easy-breezy interface and user-friendly features.

The features are enhanced in such a way that you’ll know when your kids go online and offline; understand their digital activity; supervise their internet usage from the palm of your hand; and prevent them from online dangers. All of this without making a hole in your wallet – what more could you hope for?

What to Expect

Internet Filter

Monitoring the kind of websites your kids visit is not an easy task; that’s where Kidgy works its magic by blocking all inappropriate websites.

Panic Button

There can be times when kids land themselves in sticky situations without having a clue how to get out of it. The panic button when activated sends an SOS message to your phone alerting you about your kid’s location.

Monitoring Messages

Since Kidgy is going to handle the responsible task of delivering SMS messages to your device, you can be sure your kid is not in trouble.


You’ll know exactly where your kid is at with the GPS location tracking turned on. Next time your child is hanging out with friends, you can sit back and relax knowing you have things under control.

Call Barring

It’s good to know who your kid has on their contact list and the nature of calls coming in and going out. If there are too many late-hours happening, it could be something fishy and you definitely want to know. You can choose to bar incoming and outgoing calls if the situation demands it.

App Blocking

There are tons of apps available at the click of a button and keeping track of them is like sniffing out a needle in a haystack – impossible! With Kidgy in place, you’ll know the kind of apps being downloaded to your kid’s mobile device. If you choose to, you can block them as a safety measure.

Securing Internet Usage Responsibly

You can’t control the kind of content sprawling on the internet but you can do your bit to make it a safe place for your kids. With the right blend of technology and supervision, you can keep a watch on your kids’ internet etiquettes without making things embarrassing for each other.

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