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4 Online Marketing Strategies for Startups

The contemporary business person knows how important marketing is if you want to make a presence and profits. These same entrepreneurs know what is digital asset management and understand that a quality campaign comes with a price attached to it. Startups, more often than not, have a limited budget and cannot invest as much as your average conglomerate would.

There is more to quality marketing than paying a hefty price. Creativity, the right attitude towards clients, the right medium, and a defined goal can do wonders even millions of dollars struggle to perform. Here are some tips every startup should read before mapping a marketing strategy.

Social Media

Social media is the new kid on the marketing block. Only for the past couple of years have businesses started experimenting with advertising on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. It didn’t take long for these companies to harvest the fruits of their labor.

Advertising via social media is more controlled than when using traditional methods, such as via newspapers, for example. This means that all of your commercials and other marketing content would land on an audience interested in your services.

Social media marketing requires a defined strategy, or else it can do more damage than good. Not all platforms are the same, meaning that the same message is met with different reactions. Have a good understanding of the nature of your brand and pick one, eventually two, platforms for the beginning and build a healthy and positive brand image.

Search Engine Optimization

A business is doomed to fail if they present a lousy product in the worst manner imaginable. Following the same logic, all your startup needs to make it is an excellent product or service, and success is bound to come. If things were only that simple.

You and your team are familiar with the quality of the product, but the trick lies in convincing the rest of the world. This is bound to happen after they’ve used your services, but sometimes they fall under the radar. Even the best products are in danger of being buried under obscurity.

Search engine optimization, SEO, is the process of adjusting all textual content of a webpage to the criteria of search engines. That way, they appear on the first spots when searching words relevant to the niche.

It’s important to mention that SEO is a long-term marketing strategy. On rare opportunities, you can see the benefits in a couple of days. SEO must be nourished, i.e. even the site with the best configurations can move down a couple of pages if neglected. In an ideal situation a simple work-related phrase, like ‘autoflowering’, can direct the clients to your business page.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the next big thing in the industry. All businesses that adopted this practice saw a surge in profits and witnessed their brand expanding beyond the local market. The best thing about this method is the versatility, i.e. B2B and B2C businesses can resolve to content marketing.

Content marketing and SEO complement each other. When writing blog posts or creating descriptions for videos on your website, you can adjust them to the current search engine requirements, thus increasing your chance of occupying one of those top spots.

Working with Influencers

The goal of marketing is to reach as many people and expand into as many markets as possible. Influencers already have their followers. Collaborating with them means reaching all those people with your brand.

Influencers are more than a number of followers on social media and other platforms. Before offering a contract to one, take into account their personality, the content they create, and the profile of their average follower. The introduction of your brand must be organic, or else it will fail.

Taking Over the Internet

No successful business person underestimates the importance of marketing. It would be fair to say that the chances of making it without creating a marketing strategy are slim, at best. Therefore startup companies must take this aspect of business seriously if they want to swim with the sharks.

Almost every person is present on at least one social media platform. Gathering sites such as these are the perfect place to create brand awareness. By creating content, startups can capture the attention of many potential clients around the globe. Adjusting the SEO will increase the visibility of the company webpage.

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