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Mac vs PC Pros and Cons: Which Computer Is Truly Best for Your Unique Lifestyle?

Personal computers have almost hit full saturation in the marketplace. This is especially true when you look at dense metro areas like Washington, DC.

While we can all agree that computers are pretty awesome, it seems as though we can’t all agree on which kinds of computers are the most awesome. In today’s market, the conversation of which computer-type reins supreme usually comes down to Macs or PC’s.

While the debate over Mac vs PC supremacy is a heated one where both sides slander each other, as an objective party, we can say that both choices have their share of pros and cons. For more detailed reviews please visit: https://laptopproz.com/.

Below, we break down those Mac vs PC pros and cons in an effort to help you decide which system is best for you.

The PC (Windows)

The Windows PC is a staple of the personal computer market. It’s by far the most popular choice among the international masses and the PC’s signature operating system, “Windows”, has changed the landscape of how people interface with technology.

Below, our team goes over the Window’s PC’s pros and cons. Note that we make the delineation of “Window’s PC” because you could technically have a PC that’s running more niche operating systems like Ubuntu.

Analyzing PC’s with niche operating systems is outside of the scope of this blog post. From this point forward, assume that all references made to PC’s are referencing Windows machines.

Pro: Price

When it comes to purchasing affordable, powerful computer hardware, PC’s take the cake.

Many PC builds source their parts from a variety of ultra-competitive manufacturers which drives production costs down. Furthermore, given the number of options that are available in today’s PC market, shelf competition further lowers what is asked of consumers.

Pro: Options

If you walk into a Best Buy right now, you’d see an assortment of PC’s that you can choose from from a variety of manufacturers. Compare that to walking into an Apple store where all Mac products are made by the same manufacturer.

The diversity of options that you can enjoy in the PC market is one of the biggest Mac vs PC pros and cons feathers in the PC-party’s cap. That’s assuming that you like having choices.

Pro: Flexibility

Many PC enthusiasts love the flexibility that their machines afford them. With a PC, you can open up its case easily and swap out parts as needed. You could also buy an assortment of parts a-la-carte and build your own PC from scratch.

The same can’t be said about Macs which try much harder than PC’s to control user’s experiences.

Pro: Adoption

When you look at the global market, there’s no doubt that PC’s are by far the most popular computer choice. Whether you’re getting a job or you’re going back to school, if you’re going to be using a building’s native computer set-up, chances are, their set up is going to consist of a fleet of PC’s.

Con: Variable Quality

Now that we’ve hit you with a handful of PC pros, let’s talk about drawbacks that the PC suffers from like quality discrepancies.

When you have multiple manufacturers in the market building PC’s, some of those manufacturers are going to offer better products than others. Being able to sort through what makes a good PC versus what makes a bad one can be hard for the uninitiated.

Many times, making the wrong choice means your system breaking within a few months of purchase and having limited options to remedy the issue.

Con: Problem Proneness

Given that PC’s source their internal parts from various manufacturers, there is a higher probability that one of your parts will run into a problem when compared to Macs. This issue might be due to long-term compatibility issues or quality control oversights.

Beyond PC hardware, PC software is much more virus-prone that Mac’s OSX. This is one of the main Mac vs PC pros and cons benefits that Mac enthusiasts cite.

Con: OS Learning Curve

For some, learning how to use a PC is hard. They find a lot of difficulty in Window’s open-ended experience which is great in the hands of somebody that wants flexibility but bad in the hands of somebody that wants a streamlined experience.

The Mac

We’ve walked you through Mac vs PC pros and cons on the PC side. Now, it’s time to dive into the wonderful world of Macs!

The Mac computer burst onto the scene back in 1984. Immediately, the machine and its famed producer were marked as innovative.

The Mac has come a long way since then and has provided its users with a number of benefits that make buyers evangelists for their product. Here are some key Mac computer pros.

Pro: Design

One of the most undeniable benefits of a Mac is how objectively gorgeous they are. Steve Jobs had a background in design and worked hard to make good looking products central to Apple’s DNA.

If having a computer that you love to look at is a huge deal for you, you’re going to want to head over to Apple.

Pro: Adoption in Certain Industries

There’s no denying that Mac computers don’t have the global footprint that PC’s have. Despite that, there are certain industries where Mac computers enjoy the upper hand.

For example, people looking to get into creative professions like writing, film or design will find that many firms use Macs, not PC’s, for their everyday operations.

Pro: Quality

Apple is solely responsible for making its Mac product. They control every aspect of its production and carefully analyze any parts that they go to external producers for.

With only one company overseeing quality-control, you can expect consistency across the whole Mac line of computers.

Pro: Outstanding Customer Service

When you have a problem with a Mac, there’s no confusion on who to call or where to go. You can call Apple or you can drive down to Apple.

That’s it.

However you choose to interface with Apple’s support team, prepare to be amazed. Everybody on the Apple team feels like they really care about your experience.

Con: Cost

With all of our Mac vs PC pros and cons positives out of the way, we’re going to dive into the last round of negatives here by looking at Mac cons.

The primary con that’s cited around Mac products is cost. Apple’s aim is to provide its customers with a premium experience. They’re not afraid to charge their consumers a premium for their “cut above the rest” computers.

Con: OS Learning Curve

Macs have been built from the ground up to ensure that users can figure them out quickly. Still, given the fact that most people are raised on PC’s, leaning a new operating system can represent challenges.

OSX and Windows are very different. If you don’t have the patience to learn how to use a computer all over again, it’s best to stick with what you’re familiar with.

Con: Limited Repair Options

When your PC breaks down, you’ve got a lot of options. You can open your machine up and fix it yourself with the help of some YouTube tutorials or you can walk it into any one of thousands of repair shops for help.

When your Mac breaks, your options are limited. Mac wants to corner the market on repairs for their products. Consequently, they make their products very difficult to manage on a DIY basis.

Even if you want to go to a pro, there are few “Mac Certified Pros” that are allowed to help you with your computer repairs without voiding your machine’s warranty.

Con: Program Compatibility

A huge drawback to Macs is the fact that many of today’s most popular programs are not compatible with the system.

Sure, you can find a torrent downloader or a media player that works on your machine without too much trouble. When it comes to finding compatible versions of today’s hot new computer games though, you’re going to be in trouble.

Make sure that the programs you use on a daily basis have native Mac clients. If they don’t, rather than fumbling with emulation software, just stick with a PC.

Wrapping Up Our Mac vs PC Pros and Cons

There are many Mac vs PC pros and cons that one should mull over before deciding on which system they should purchase. Hopefully, our rundown of what we think the important points of discussion are has added clarity to your internal debate.

If you need more computer advice, we’re here for you! Browse more of our blog content and keep fulfilling your need to know!

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