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Important Features to Prioritize in Laptops for Data Science

In recent times, the demand for secure and powerful laptops have risen quite a lot. The rise in the amount in IOT devices, market activity, industry data, etc has led to creation mountains of fresh data for industrial use regularly. Which means that the personnel employed in these fields require Laptop For Data Science that is both capable of handling these tasks as well as being future proof to a certain degree.

Configuring your Laptop: What to choose and Leave?

As a data researcher, your system requirements will definitely vary from the average user. Where the average user is focused towards multimedia and gaming, you will need to prioritize elsewhere that actually makes an impact on your workflow.  Here is a small guide as to how you can make a decent purchase decision for Laptop For Data Science India.

Here is what to prioritize

  1. Build Quality: Working in the field would require you to open/close your laptop several times a day. Which is why it makes all the more sense to get a laptop that is built well and can withstand abuse to a certain degree. Common points of failure are screen hinge malfunction, keyboard issues and accidental damages like water splashes. While most laptops aren’t meant to withstand water or physical abuse, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot pick something that will at least feature partial protection against rough use. Examples of well built laptops can include Lenovo’s Thinkpad series that include top notch build with decent specifications.
  2. Components: As these laptops will be used to crunch numbers and perform complex calculations, a good CPU is a must have. Most of the data that isn’t linear in its form won’t use GPU parallel processing that well, so while its decent to have a GPU with the package, the main priority should be the CPU. That being said, the mobile CPU market is slowly transitioning towards 4/6 Core Mobile CPU’s, so try to get at least a quad core with Multi-Threading enabled like the Intel 8th and 10th Generation offerings..
  3. RAM & Storage: Generally speaking, RAM isn’t a big performance impactor now  as it was a few years ago. But depending on the application, you might need more of it faster than you can actually realize. Which is why most enterprise grade laptops are equipped with atleast 16GB or more RAM capacities.
    Speaking of storage, generally avoid Mechanical Hard Drives, even if they tempt you into larger capacities. Today’s NVME SSD’s offer far greater speeds and lower latencies which is actually more important for a responsive software environment.
  4. Other Accessories:

    Display Size vs. Mobility: A bigger screen tends to be better to work with, however it may hamper portability. Choosing a size that would fit well with your mobility requirements is effectively more important than screen size. Which is why you may find that in certain cases, 2 in 1 laptops with touch displays will work better for on the spot operations while if your job requires you to sit at a desk, you can sacrifice a little mobility for extra features like – more I/O ports, bigger displays, bigger batteries and anything that actually aids your workflow.

    Battery: Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to a laptop. A bigger battery is always a nice addition since it can keep you working for longer. Laptop dimensions can play a big role as to how large of a battery can be packed in the chassis and subsequently a smaller form factor laptop can often compromise on this front. At the end of the day, how balanced your laptop configuration is and how hard you push your laptop ultimately decides what battery backup can you get.

    Security Aspects: In conjunction to good specifications, decent security features will also make a big impact on how secure the laptop is from prying eyes. Today’s range of systems offer features like Biometrics unlock, Face Login with IR blaster, dedicated authentication key, etc. Eyeing for these features is a generally a great addition for any individual that values privacy.


Depending on your line of work, you might find yourself in a tricky spot when you eventually have to buy a laptop that you are going to use. While you have a lot of options on the PC end of things, every model might not be suited for everyone. Also if you are a Mac enthusiast, or generally prefer mac over windows, you are kind of limited by what Apple will offer you. So in conclusion, know what you are going to work with and then make an informed purchase.

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