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How Workplaces Are Combating Office Fatigue

Hands up who feels fatigued when they think about the office and all the work and drama that often comes with? Unfortunately, you are not alone, but you don’t have to continue feeling this way towards work and can start to combat these weekly blues and bouts of exhaustion. The more hours we end up spending at our desks near the PC, the more it impacts our health, and the more solutions we need to find to ensure our bodies continue functioning as they should be. The reports show that you should choose an office for you and your employees that can support ergonomic desks and chairs to keep everyone comfortable and less fatigued. It’s clear that as we advance our businesses, we also need to improve the way we take care of ourselves, giving our bodies and minds what they need in our everyday working life. Rather than spending another weekend in a fatigued heap, start adopting some of these workplace practices that have been proven to stop those overwhelming feelings.

Coffee, obviously

If you thought that your morning cup of coffee had a placebic effect, you are sorely mistaken. Sure, the ritual of getting up from your desk and drinking a coffee can change our mindset, but the ingredients in your morning latte actually result in heightened productivity and elevated energy levels. If there are many points in the day that seem to stretch forever, or you feel like you don’t have the fuel to knock off your to-do-list, it could be time for office coffee machines. An office coffee machine will provide a reason for you and your workmates to break up the day and take five, but it will also give you that chemical kick to get your tasks done. Fatigue should not become the norm for you at work, and coffee can assist in those moments when you need to hit reset.

Green offices

There would have been a time where plants in the office seemed impractical or indulgent, especially if you are a little bit old school. Those times are passed, as employers have recognised that offices with plants are offices with reduced stress, and heightened productivity. Multiple green office studies have shown that green offices instil a feeling of wellbeing, with employees achieving higher performance in these environments. It sounds simple, but seeing a green plant from your desk promotes engagement, and eliminates those feelings of fatigue, hostility and even distraction. Scattering a few pots and plants around the office is a small price to pay for a clear-minded, rested workforce.

Flexible working conditions

It used to be that candidates would select a future employer based on the salary. While this still remains a key element in the consideration, it’s actually flexible working conditions that are attracting the finest talent, and retaining them. Flexible working conditions will mean different things to each employer, but generally speaking, it affords employees the flexibility to do there job at home, outside of the 9-5pm working week. Sometimes it means that an employee can work in an entirely remote capacity. Flexible working conditions are the 21st-century solution to fatigue, but it’s also employers being smart enough to recognise that just because you cannot see an employee at their desk, does not mean the job isn’t being done.

Wellbeing programs

Workplaces that are not prioritising the wellbeing of their workforce will find that they won’t hold on to them for long. Employees have all the power now, and many modern workplaces are getting the pick of the litter by offering generous wellbeing programs that are attractive to all talent levels. Wellbeing programs can include a mental health day each month, discounted gym memberships, access to wellbeing apps and programs, and allowing for work to be conducted off-site from time to time. These wellbeing programs combat fatigue in the workplace and actually get the best out of employees who are engaged as they know they are being treated well.

There are many ways that workplaces are combating fatigue, and there are a thousand other ways that individual employees can do their bit to reduce stress and exhaustion from Monday to Friday. If this is an issue that is impacting your lives of the lives of your workmates/employees, discuss with your Human Resource team about the options available.

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