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How Tracking Your Trailers Can Improve Efficiency

Watching your business grow is a wonderful thing. The bigger your company, the harder it can be to manage your fleet. You need a clear picture of where your trailers are to work out whether or not they are being fully utilised. It’s possible to do this by investing in an innovative trailer tracking solution.


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What Can a Trailer Tracking Solution Do for My Business?

Trailer Tracking Systems provide an overview of your fleet. They show the movement of trailers, allows you to look back at the trip history, presents real-time location data and permits verification of drop-off locations. Essentially, such data provides a clear picture of how-well your business utilises its fleet. These results help you improve efficiency and draw conclusions from the data that matters to you.

Trailer Tracking Features That Help You Improve Efficiency

Smart tracking devices are easy to install and provide real-time location data, checking not just exact location, but also movements and trip history. You can track the mileage of your trailers to figure out exactly how far the vehicle travelled.

Tracking features with a geofencing feature permits the fixing of borders around certain areas, and to receive notifications when a trailer is in that area. It’s also possible to receive notifications when a trailer travels outside of set hours. Some trailer tracking systems even work with additional fitted sensors such as door and temperature sensors.

Ideally, choose trailer tracking software offering free iOS and Android apps. This makes managing and monitoring the fleet much easier, from anywhere, and at any time. Drivers benefit as they can input additional details about each journey.

What Can You Do with The Information Recorded?

It may sound obvious – but always look for software that reviews and other users say is easy to use. You don’t want to choose anything that requires a lot of training, or months to fully grasp. That will frustrate you and your drivers. Intuitive controls and flexibility is key to helping your business benefit from a good quality trailer tracking system. Also ensure that the chosen package is cloud-based. This means the platform offers high security, flexibility, and easy access.

Another great feature we recommend to look for is a customisable dashboard. Not all features and functions appeal to all users. The ability to add and remove features from the dashboard allows you to access the features and data you need as and when you need it.

The Benefits of Trailer Tracking

Thinking about investing in a trailer tracking system? Here are a few key benefits you should consider:

  • Increase visibility – find out where your trailers are.
  • Improve optimisation – improve efficiency of how you use available trailers.
  • Enhance security – keep track of your cargo and assets, and identify unlawful use.
  • Expand productivity – effectively organise shipments and employee allocation.
  • Improve customer satisfaction – access precise information when you need it.
  • Inventory overview – identify exactly which trailers are on-site.
  • Achieve peace of mind- find out when your trailer arrives safely.
  • Stay informed – stay up to date on the status of your trailers.
  • Get to grips with the day-to-day – take control of your fleet.

Is It Time to Track Your Trailers?

Invest in a trailer tracking solution to take your business to the next level for both transparency and efficiency. With so much data at your fingertips, you will make positive changes to optimise your fleet, reduce costs and increase your profit.

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