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How much do managed IT services cost?

Digital media has gained immense prominence in business management these days. With the diversion of commerce into technology, the term ‘managed IT services’ is also frequently used. It can refer to a wide range of services in the deliverables of the IT sector.

In the most comprehensive essence, it means delegating the responsibility of some portions or all of your IT services to experts. There are managed services provider whom you can contact for such technical assistance. The cost of hiring managed IT services vary with the scale of services required.

Minimum costing managed IT services

When it comes to the lowest priced managed IT services, companies tend to provide basic monitoring services. It can start from about $75 and go on till $150, approximately. The IT company, once hired, acts as your security guard and monitors your server closely. If you opt for remedial action from their designated experts, you may have to pay extra aid. You can also choose to look for solutions from your end without harming your negotiated deal.

These services are not that helpful, because you are only alerted of existing issues. You will have to pay for the remedies, and it can get pretty expensive if you continue having similar breakdowns. Even for basic services like IT security services, end-user remote or onsite support, or drafting future digital agenda, you will be charged separately. These high-end services may cost $75 to $275 per hour. Even though you have the liberty to choose a particular block of hours, it can be a considerable pocket pinch every month.

Mid to high budget range

This is commonly preferred managed IT services by small and medium businesses. Here, the IT concerns are not only monitored, but also rectified. Under special surveillance, these issues are also prevented from arising, with early monitoring of probable loopholes. If any are threats spotted, the gaps can be easily plugged with hardware or software upgrades. This package also includes other services like designing, strategy building, onsite and remote support, IT planning, backup, and recovery techniques, all at the same cost.

These agreements can be:

Priced per device

It ranges from $100-400 per server, $30-75 per firewall, $15-40 per switch, and $50-100 per workstation.

Priced per user

It charges about $75-175 per user, varying with the specific services that are demanded.

The maximum cost to incur

The maximum monetary requirement for managed IT services can scale up to $250 per user, based on a monthly scheme. These packages are generally either fully hosted or system based on cloud computing. Most of the infrastructure of your system should be built and supported by the IT company at this cost range.

The primary services provided by the IT management companies are similar to that of the mid to high range. However, the extra expense will bring you a smoother experience with almost zero threat of losing even a fragment of data. The majority of the businesses have a monthly scheme for their highest offered package.

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