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Considerations for the iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 has certainly caused a buzz of late. Whether it’s devoted iPhone users who have been saving up to trade in their older version or those who have strong feelings about the feel of the camera on the back, it is still the smartphone that is constantly a point of discussion. Therefore, you may want to invest in some educated research before you put down your deposit for the latest model.

No optical zoom

In order to bag yourself an optical zoom, you will need to go for the iPhone 11 Pro, not just the iPhone 11. That said, the regular version is said to still give you brilliant performance in this area. You will have dual cameras that deliver on the quality of video and image, the only difference being the optical zoom on the Pro edition.

Longer battery life

The battery life on this model is said to be substantially better, which is good news for Apple fans who can’t bear the sight of an empty battery with one red bar left. This phone is also said to last for 30 minutes underwater; no mean feat for waterproofing standards. This may be in part due to its power-saving measures such as ‘Dark Mode’: easy on the eyes and the battery life.

Always invest in a protector

Regardless of which Apple phone you invest in, it’s always wise to invest in a robust phone case to prevent chipping and fractures. While all new smartphones may be waterproof, none of them are sadly gravity-proof. However, BodyGuardz offers a wide range of phone cases that are built with durability in mind that will provide the protection that your phone needs.

No real aesthetic difference

If you like your new iPhone to come with the ‘wow’ factor of a brand new face-lift then you might be disappointed. Ostensibly, the new iPhone 11 doesn’t really have much physically different about it compared to the slightly older XR model. The screen is very similar to the previous model, with the only real difference being the back. As is currently being discussed at length, the camera protrudes from the back cover in a way that stands out from other iPhone models. Other than that, you won’t noticeably have a newer facade.

New colors

If space gray doesn’t quite cut it for you, you will at least have a variety of swatches to choose from. You’ll have pleasing pastel shades to select from, which include mint green, lavender purple, and a sherbet, powdery yellow. For those who prefer their phone a little bolder, you’ll find contrasting red, white, and black. While the overall appearance may be no different, you will at least have some colors to choose from.

The new iPhone 11 has certainly kicked up a fuss, maybe even more so than the iPhone X. Whether the camera mount is a no-deal for you or you can’t wait to try out the new optical zoom, there are plenty of pros to consider before you invest in this model.

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