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Top 8 Project Management Apps 2019

Initially, these applications were used for splitting plans into assignments, assigning them to colleagues, creating dependencies between assignments, and also tracking statuses. They also help to handle resources, costs, and workload, communicate with project participants, build baselines, present changing or static states of plans to third parties, and also merely visualize every detail of tasks. Let’s check out team task planning software programs.

1. GanttPRO

GanttPRO is a web-based Gantt diagram software that helps work with personal as well as group projects. Thanks to a Gantt diagram view, all the tasks, and their dates are plainly seen on a timeline. With GanttPRO, users are able to track plans and also the entire plans’ success. Team members are constantly knowledgeable about the conditions and also avoid risks as well as misconceptions in planning.

Cooperation opportunities in the cloud-based GanttPRO are powerful. Employees can work together in real-time: comment assignments, attach data, leave descriptions to assignments, export their graphs in PDF or PNG and share them with a public URL. With the real-time alerts, project participants will certainly recognize all adjustments.

Additionally, this Gantt diagram tool provides possibilities to deal with online resources, prices, and also calendars what makes it a sound resource management tool.

2. nTask

nTask is an online project management software designed for Agile project managers, not big teams, freelancers to arrange workflow. It has an easy to understand yet beautiful user interface and provides 7 tools natively developed inside the platform.

With nTask, you can handle tasks, projects, timesheets, as well as group meetings. You can also document and handle task threats as well as track bugs.

What is so unique about nTask:

  • Easy onboarding procedure– takes secs to start.
  • 7 critical tools developed natively inside the system– no integrations needed.
  • A group meeting scheduler and planning tool to much better hold Scrum meetups.
  • Resource management as well as regular timesheets.

3. ProofHub

ProofHub helps gather all tasks, distributed colleagues, and customers in one place that allows team leaders to have complete control over their projects. ProofHub could be an all-in-one place for all your work.

All you require to handle tasks you will find in the application: to-do list with the tasks, their progress, cooperation feature with documents and attachments in addition to a group chat, and even time monitoring. In theory, ProofHub provides everything you require to be successful in task planning, not just Web cooperation, and know all the processes taking place in a plan.

What is so special about ProofHub:

  • Gantt charts.
  • Group collaboration.
  • Team conversation.
  • Task reports with timesheets.


Formerly dapulse, offers a single board where project managers work with projects in a visually attractive way. They have to-do lists, active conditions of tasks, what is meant to be done, and so on.

The application works well as a resource management tool. Project managers can obtain an instant image of who is doing what, how much an assignment requires, who is underperforming or overloaded. is an effective online cooperation software. Project leaders have opportunities to invite clients as guests to work on a project or simply share strategies with them. The service provides real-time alerts by means of desktop computers or mobile, mentions, comments, as well as data attachments.

What is so unique concerning

  • Single space for task planning.
  • Real-time context cooperation.
  • Due date monitoring.
  • Search options.
  • iOS and Android applications.

5. Podio

Podio guides plans and teams in the direction of the right ways and keep everyone on the very same page making cooperation smooth and efficient. All project associated procedures are stored in one place that allows team leaders to easily specify actions as well as take them to effectively finish a plan.

In the tool, there are various roles for employees. For example, an admin, regular or light member. Group cooperation is not limited to internal groups. If there is a requirement to share a plan with outside parties, it can be carried out in secs.

Remarkably that Podio is integrated with well-known products like Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and others.

What is so special concerning Podio:

  • Communication tools, calendars, document sharing, file management.
  • Mobile applications.
  • Open API.

6. ProProfs Project

ProProfs Project is a simple project planning software program that helps with appropriate plan execution as well as team cooperation. From plan goal and deliverables definition to plan accomplishment, ProProfs Project helps managers ensure everything is on track and due dates are fulfilled effortlessly.

ProProfs Project additionally includes reporting as well as invoice generation making it incredibly simple to create informative reports as well as exact billings in just a matter of seconds. It additionally has a mobile app, so you can stay informed concerning plan updates on the go.

What is so special about ProProfs Project:

  • Quick, very easy setup.
  • Easy to understand UI.
  • Rich functionalities.
  • Budget-friendly pricing solutions.

7. TipHive


Like many other tools in the project management category, TipHive gives a clear view of tasks and assignees in your plan. The software gives great opportunities for managing resources and efficient resource allocation. Every team member will certainly be aware of what, when, and how to perform a task.

At the same moment, TipHive allows project participants to create individual workspaces to better organize their project tasks.

In TipHive, users can create, share, as well as organize data, notes, links, video clips, and do numerous other things.

What is so unique about TipHive:

  • Various collaboration tools.
  • Individualized work areas.
  • Different views: Kanban, timeline, sheets.

8. Aha!

Aha! is a professional Web-based roadmap software. It allows focusing purely on fast service experience. In the tool, team leaders are able to set dates and also dependencies to obtain a clear view of their campaigns.

Web collaboration possibilities allow working with cross-functional teams. You and your team members do not have to stress over any unexpected changes in a project– you’ll be instantly informed.

This roadmap software provides a variety of other features: templates, estimates, progress control, and many others.

What is so special about Aha!:

  • Lots of integration options.
  • Burndown charts.
  • Concepts dashboard.
  • Possibilities to create mockups.

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