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Hassle-free Transfer of Large Files

The invention of the Internet has already taken the world to a new age. Every type of organization, both public and private, and even individuals starts harvesting its wonderful facilities. One of the major gifts of the internet is the fast exchange of information across the globe. You can speak to a person living thousands of miles apart and even transfer data through emails. Challenges and security issues involved with data transfer is on the rise. Even though innovative technology is used during data transfer, still there are various security concerns during the transfer of data.

Emailing has become a great tool as it permits you to send different types of files to many receivers at once. Although, the requirement of companies is increased gradually according to time. The world becomes a global village now a day and people of the same company are working in different parts of the world. They have to transfer files regularly to work with each other and do their work perfectly and efficiently. It also needs to send a large file of more than 100 MB that cannot be sent via email. A lot of them do not know how to send large files and get relief from the orthodox method of mailing system. This is not a dependable method in today’s world of globalization when fast communication and data transfer is required for the growth of any business organization. Today we have platforms for secure file sharing for accountants that you must use.

Here are few methods people used then to share media and files:


Needless to say, emails are one of the fastest ways to send any type of data including images, video files, etc from one person to another. Most people have a misconception that their email service provider cannot see all their email however the fact is they can see all your email. Popular email services including Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail, Lycos, etc can read your mail completely.

Everyday massive amount of emails are sent to various people, email service provider do not have enough time to go through all emails. In case law enforcement agencies want to have a track on all the emails sent by you then they can ask the email service provider to have an eye on your mail.

If you want to send highly confidential information to someone then it is good to avoid the free email service providers. If it is an important confidential mail then you need to consider encrypting your email. Encryption is complex however it is difficult to read the specific mail or data by the email service provider.

Removable media

Removable media is the next easy way to transfer large files from one system to another. Different types of removable media devices include pen drives, CD, DVD’s, external hard disks, floppy disks, etc.

Pen drives are most commonly used to transfer files and they are available in different capacities like 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, etc. When you move files using pen drives there are high chances for your file to be robbed by someone by copying the data. Moreover, if your pen drive is infected by malware or spyware then the data from your pen drive can get stolen by someone else without your knowledge.

DVDs and CDs can also be used to transfer any large amount of data, however it is not secure as the data can be easily copied by anyone. If you want to transfer a large amount of data using a DVD or CD then it can be sent in an encrypted form which makes it difficult to access the data by hackers.

Cloud sharing

Cloud computing is one of the easiest ways to store and retrieve information whenever you need. Data of different file formats including audio, video, images, etc can be stored using cloud computing.

Unfortunately, cloud computing is easy to be hacked by anyone and data can be easily robbed. For instance, Flickr is an online storage space where you can store different types of images but the images can be easily stolen. Google docs is also a popular online data storage space however it is also still the same as Flickr with less security.

People who know how to send large files in a small-time use a reliable file transfer service. Such a facility gives you an opportunity to transfer large files to destination place in a small time period. In addition to that, you can send information using this service at any time of the day. To use a file transfer service you have the option to select a plan which could be fifteen days, monthly or yearly. Yearly plans are only helpful for large multinational companies that need to send a large amount of data everyday. For a small and medium scale corporate, it is sensible to use a 15 days plan and get it renewed when needed.

A file transfer service provides a number of packages to opt as per one’s requirement.

Another option is to try FileWhopper, a new online file sharing service that lets you transfer files and folders of any size quickly and securely.

To know perfectly how to send a file, you should go through the plans and packages carefully as described on the service provider’s website. GoAnywhere SFTP server allows your trading partners to securely exchange files. Many renowned providers give a free plan under which you are allowed free uploading and transfer files without any charges. The receiver can also download the same amount data at any time within the number of days specified in the trial offer after which the data will be eliminated by the service provider from the server. Depending upon the amount of data you wish to send, you can select plans that give you a facility to send files of sizes, such as 20GB, 1TB and and some service providers even allows you to customize your plans.

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