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Best Pokemon to Attack and Defend In Pokemon Go

Pocket Monsters or Pokemon is a Japanese media franchise which is popular around the world. The franchise was found by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995 and since then, it’s dominating the gaming and film industry.

In the past years, Pokemon Go has completely captivated the hearts of gamers in different countries. It mixes augmented reality (AR) with the real world. This application will take Pokemon into your real life. You become the owner and the trainer. You have a mission to travel around the real world to search and collect the Pokemon.

Today, there are hundreds of Pokemon in the game and there are more to come. Indeed, there is no best Pokemon in each scenario. But it is still useful to know which Pokemon are strong in general. You can use this in any type of situation. Thus, here are some of the strongest Pokemon by category:

Best Attack

The attack stat that you can find in Pokemon Go will determine how much damage every Pokemon can do in the game. Remember that the damage will vary depending on the species’ quality and level. But the best stats will give you an idea of which is naturally the best Pokemon to cause damage.

Indeed, there are lots of legendary monsters on the list. But there are also some non-legendary that you can rely on and get inspired to.


Mewtwo is spectacular since he can learn any move. All of his hits are K.O.s and you don’t have to use any potions. He is considered as a Legendary Psychic-type with 300 attacks. Rayquaza is another Legendary Pokemon which lives in the ozone layer. It stops the battle of Groudon and Kygore due to its strong hyper beam. Rayquaza is a legendary dragon-type Pokemon which is a flying type. It boasts an attack of 284 to the opponent.

Rayquaza in Pokemon

Best Defence

In Pokemon Go, the defensive stat will determine how well they can receive a hit and damage. However, this does not determine the HP and stamina of the Pokemon. The defence will only determine the damage that they receive when the attack lands.

The legendary dragon-type Pokemon are aggressive in general and they are awesome gym defenders. One example is Lugia which is a Legendary Psychic and it flies. It can talk like Meowth and it is powerful. It lives at the bottom of the ocean. A single flap of its wings can lead to a 40-day storm. Its signature move is the aero blast which blasts and huffs the air. Lugia boasts a 310 defence against the opponent.


Another is Deoxys which can change its form. In the movie, it has been featured as the strongest alien who smashed Rayquaza. It possesses the highest defence in the Pokemon Universe. It is a Psychic-type with 30 defences. Gamers love using Deoxys due to its incredible regenerative skills. It can instantly recover from the damage brought about by the opponent.

Groudon is a legendary ground type with 228 defences. With its drought ability, it can lower down the water’s effectiveness and increases the fire. Its powers are very effective against grass and ice.

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