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Published on July 21st, 2019 | by Sumit Bhowal


How To Play Norwegian Slot Machines For Real Money?

Norwegian slot machines are the most exciting casino games in the world. They are the combination of simplicity and huge jackpots along with plenty of psychological factors designed in the game to ensure that people keep pouring billions of dollars every year.


The only downside for the customers is that you will lose by a wide margin in the long run and in general the bigger the jackpot, the more of an edge the slot machine has over you.

While you can increase your chances in the long run, by choosing the right games at the right casinos. So, it is not unheard of that you will lose five times the amount on average that you would have lost if you choose the best slot machines and played at the best Norwegian slot machines online.

Here, the intention of this slot machine guide is to explain everything you need to know about slot machines in order to minimize your losses thus giving you the best chance to win money.

The Basics of How Real-Money Slots Work

As you may know that a slot machine has no feelings! All the winnings are dictated by the EPROM chips and the random number generator (RNG) inside the machine. However, it doesn’t consider whether you have recently won or lost as every spin of the reels is random.

When you press the Spin button, the RNG generates a random number for each reel of the machine. Every number represents one of the symbols. After that, the EPROM chip determines whether you have won with the combination of symbols. The more the player plays, the higher the odds of winning and the payback of the machine.

By all the information available for the slots, calculating your chances of winning at this game is simple. Just multiply the probability of each outcome with what those outcomes pay and then sum the results.

In order to calculate the probability of a winning combination, you need to know how many stops are there for a symbol. For instance, in the machines, there could be 45 stops and one of that is the symbol. So, by calculating (1/45)X(1/45)X(1/45), you will probably get around 0.001% or the probability of hitting three symbols in a row.

In the real world, those symbols would have been weighed differently so that they are more likely to come on the first two reels and less likely to come on the last reel. This results in a near-miss situation.

Why You Lose at Slots

You will probably lose at slot machines because they are set to give back less than they take on average. It is almost impossible to play slot machines better. All you need to do is just press spin and hope for the best. With that being said, you can improve your odds of winning at slot machines by making good decisions before playing. Also, you should have a good strategy while entering a casino.

However, the more decisions you can make in a casino game, the lower the house edge is with optimal play. As there is almost no room for decisions when playing slot machines. As you play slot machines for real money fast, you tend to lose more at slots than any other casino game.

Like most casino games, a slot machine is a game of independent trials. While the chances of winning with each spin are the same whether you win or lose. So, there is no room for the in-play Norwegian slot machine strategy.

Wrapping Up

These are some strategies with which you can either win at the Norwegian slot machine or lose your money. However, it is said, try and try, until you succeed. So, keep trying!

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