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How Every Social Media Platform Is Easily Manipulated

Social media is an inseparable part of our everyday life, both as an individual and as a part of an organization. Businesses both small and big turn to social media as one of the digital marketing instruments to use today. Today’s top social media platforms provide businesses with the opportunity to connect with their customers and a wider audience directly. That deep and personal interaction level is unprecedented.

Social media is not without its challenges. Over the past several years, it has become apparent that marketing campaigns and other strategies can influence social media. There have been a lot of social media campaigns run by brands, organizations, political entities, and other stakeholders, and the point of those campaigns is to influence the audience.

Understanding how social media platforms can be manipulated – and knowing how to use the right strategy to achieve specific objectives – will help you take better advantage of the available platforms for business purposes. There are several things you need to know about how every social media platform is easily manipulated.

Formulating the Campaign

Pay attention to social media campaigns, viral trends, and big online movements, and you will notice some similarities. Social media manipulation is done using similar tactics and a strategy formulated with the target audience in mind. The entire process begins with understanding the target audience better.

There are tools you can use to fine-tune your social media targeting. Tools like Brand24 are helping corporations and organizations understand the way the audience view their brands. You can use the same tool to gain insights on your own brand or business and use the information to formulate the right social media campaign to run.

At the same time, you can also understand the audience as a whole, particularly the market segment you want to target. Among the details you can learn about the audience are the social media platforms they use the most, how they use the platforms, and the kind of information that affects them the most.

With these details gathered and analyzed, the next step is formulating the right strategy or campaign. This involves using the knowledge gathered earlier and devising the best way to reach the audience with the right key messages. If you are targeting an older audience, for example, targeting them on Facebook will be the most efficient way to go.

If your goal is to influence young people, on the other hand, the social media platform to utilize is Instagram. You have access to more than 1 billion potential viewers with a simple social media manipulation campaign.

An Army of Users

A key ingredient to the success of any social media campaign is exposure. To get the message across and reach more social media consumers, you need to broadcast the message through more accounts or users. This is one of the best-kept social media manipulation secrets.

You don’t need to work with thousands of organic social media users to get your message across. Today, you have the option to create your own social media users, complete with organic-looking profiles and interactions. The process is easier than you think too.

Marketing agencies, businesses, companies offering bot services, and even spammers use this approach to manipulate social media platforms to their advantage. Rather than relying on organic reach, they use bots and automated accounts to boost their campaigns. Instead of reaching 10,000, the approach lets you reach 10 million users.

Tools for creating and managing hundreds an even thousands of social media accounts are widely available. You also have access to scripts like InstaPy, and they allow you to automate social media account creation and management.

Once the users are created and active, you can manipulate public opinion and use them to reach more social media users. The social media accounts under your control become investments that will continue to produce returns.

Getting Started

As mentioned before, getting started with amassing resources for effective social media manipulation campaigns is easy. The process starts with collecting hundreds of fresh email addresses and creating social media accounts. This is a process that can be simplified; fresh email addresses are available for sale and as a service, and you can use bots and automation tools for account creation. A good social media operation can create hundreds of accounts every hour.

There are service providers that can help you with social media account creations as well. Rather than investing in the process, you invest in accounts that are ready for use. The accounts can be integrated with the social media management tools you use.

That is actually the next step; integrating the management of multiple social media accounts into one platform. Once again, automation tools and scripts are your friends. It is not impossible to fully automate the management of thousands of accounts, but it does take a bit of work. You have to prepare content for your social media accounts and schedule the release of that content accordingly.

The real challenge is the security layers implemented by social media platforms. Automated tools are often detected and accounts that use them could get banned. Rather than having to create new accounts every time you need to run social media campaigns, there are additional investments you can make to protect your army of users.

The first one is a good proxy. Proxy services act as the middleware between your server and the social media platforms. Social media sites will not see your IP address, and the users automated on your server will never be detected. You can add an extra layer by using multiple proxies to secure your social media accounts.

The other investment is, well, time. Aged accounts are less prone to banning. You can either buy aged social media accounts or age the account yourself. Post regular content, interact with other users, and build a stronger, more credible arsenal of social media resources.

The rest is easy from there. With the accounts fully automated and a good proxy sitting between your server and the social media platforms, you can run as many social media campaigns as you like without a glitch. Imagine the return you will earn from the investments we covered in this article.

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