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Product Images Tips to Increase Sales for Your E-Commerce Store

With e-commerce stores, product images have an essential role in the success of the store. Consumers have endless possibilities when it comes to online shopping, and thus, it is your duty as an entrepreneur to make consumers choose your store over your competitors. When it comes to online selling, you must ask yourself what will make a consumer buy from one store and not from the other when both stores are offering the same product at the same price? The secret is product photography. Product images play an important role in influencing a customer’s buying decision. Images testify the quality of your products. They can also help to create transparency and trust, and thus, while ensuring the quality of images you also need to ensure that the images should be engaging.

Tips on how to take product images that add value to your customers

  • Invest in High-quality Images

Before a customer buys a product, he or she would like to get the best view of the product, including the minor details. For example, if you are selling a smartphone, the customer may wish to view the size of the sim card slot or connectivity ports. Most of these small details may only be visible after zooming, and thus, you must ensure that your product images are of the best possible quality. Large, high-quality images will make the purchase process straightforward for the customer as every detail will be visible. Photography tools have become more affordable, and thus, you should always go for professional-quality products images with good lighting and corrected colors. If need be, you can also use panoramic photos that offer your customers with a professional virtual tour.

  • Create a Consistent Product Line

Most online entrepreneurs usually focus on each product-photography at a time, but the best way is to have a consistent product line on all your products. Instead of taking images on different settings, it is beneficial to a customer when all images are taken from the same angle. Maintaining a default photo angle across your product catalog helps to create a similar look and feel across your entire store. A similar look makes your store look more professional. It also helps customer quickly compare products at a glance as it makes it easier to see features that are present on one model and absent on another.

  • Show Products in Use

You can quickly trigger emotion by showing how the product will add value to the customer’s life. As opposed to only showing still images, individuals will be more attracted to the product when they can see how the product will enrich their own life. Furthermore, showing a product in real use helps the customer understand the dimensions of the product. For example, it is easier to tell how large the portable disk is when it is held on a palm than when it is on a shelf. Some smart e-commerce business uses innovative ways of displaying their product with the help of some of the best 360 tour software to provide a 360° view of the product, this gives an idea of the overall appearance of the product to the buyer and helps in reducing the rate of product returns. These techniques providing innovative product images give an extra advantage to boost sales for e-commerce businesses.

  • Make Sure the Images Are Customized for a Positive Mobile Experience

Buying on a mobile device is usually seamless or hectic. Unfortunately, despite the number of mobile purchases exploding over the last few years, most customers still experience difficulty when buying from their mobile devices. Products are difficult to see, and the images require a lot of pinching to zoom. You should ensure that your website has the same user experience, whether accessed on a mobile device or a desktop. If a customer gets to your site through their mobile device for the first time and they dislike the experience, they will most likely move to your competitor’s website as opposed to using a computer to access your site.


In online shopping, customers can only experience your products through the visuals you offer them, and thus, you should be willing to go a little mile when it comes to your product images. Every image you use on your store should add value to your customers’ shopping experience.

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