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3 Ways to Keep Employees Happy With a Tech-Friendly Workplace

When you work in a tech-friendly workplace, it’s important that you and your fellow coworkers stay happy. A happy employee is a hard working employee and it is crucial that a level of workplace happiness is maintained to keep them productive. There are a variety of ways to keep them satisfied and here are several ideas to help with this.

1. Let Employees Work on Their Own Devices

The bring your own device trend or BYOD, is becoming more popular than ever. According to a Tech Pro study in 2014, three-fourths of businesses planned to let employees work from their own laptops, tablets, or smartphones. This is an advantage to the company because they save thousands of dollars on operating expenses such as computers and accessories.

In order for this to work, the company needs to set up a policy of what’s an acceptable type of use. They also need to establish security policies, so all work that’s done on personal devices is safe, secure, efficient, and effective.

2. Use Communication Tools


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Thanks to modern technology, people have conversations at places other than the water cooler. Having solid work relationships are key to employees getting along and ultimately bettering the business. When an employee feels that they have friends or people they can trust and confide in at work, they have a higher job satisfaction rate as well as an overall higher quality of life.

There are many platforms employees can communicate to stay connected such as Slack, Sqwiggle, and HipChat. These are actually more effective and time-efficient than talking in person, as they’re able to have quick side conversations without having to get up and go all the way across the room to talk to someone. Many times questions can be answered quickly using these instead of having meetings that are unnecessary.

In addition, many companies have their own intranet software that employees can use to stay connected. This allows them to communicate with their coworkers, share files, and collaborate.

3. Use Wearable Tech to Stay Healthy

Employers sometimes forget that their employees staying healthy isn’t just a personal problem but their issue as well. When one person gets sick, that often leads to others in the office calling out, particularly when they work in tight quarters. Creating an employee wellness program should be a company initiative so there are set rules in place when someone gets sick. Workers will also feel more comfortable taking a day or two to rest instead of roughing it out and exposing others to their germs if they know they won’t get in trouble.

One way to keep track of general employee wellness is by using wearable devices. This can be through pedometers and having every employee who’s interested keep track of their steps. When you have weekly or monthly prizes, such as a free lunch or going home early one day, employees will be more motivated to move so they can win. People always love a good challenge and friendly competition is healthy in a company. When employees are happier and healthier, they’ll produce higher quality work and be more efficient.

4. Incentivise their work with periodic rewards

Rewards are a form of showing appreciation towards any person for their service towards the company. It essentially acknowledges that the person is a vital part of the organization and allows him or her to work with more dedication. Incentives can range from salary bonuses to more added perks for the job but whatever maybe the case, it is effective in maintaining morale and dedication for the employee.

5. Improved working conditions

Let’s face it, nobody likes to work inside what is effectively a prison. Any employee dedicates a insignificant chunk of their lives inside their offices and the last thing that they need is an environment that gives them the impression that their lives are being wasted. Which is why it is very important to improve employee work conditions and the ambient environment around them. A comfortable workplace will make the employee work with better dedication and he’ll be happy while at it.

There are a variety of ways to keep employees happy with a tech-friendly workplace. Whether you use wearable tech to encourage health or have your employees stay connected with messaging systems, happier employees are more efficient employees.


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